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Proverbs 3:15

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Sephora Disaster!

Hello again everyone! Happy fall semester! I am really excited because there will be a ton of reviews flooding this page in the upcoming weeks. For today, I want to share another tragic incident with Sephora. I have no clue why this keeps happening to me, everyone has had only good experiences with them but I guess I pulled the short end on this company. I ordered two palettes from them (debuting in a review soon) and was shocked at what arrived at my door step. This box was so beat up I was afraid to open it. Its almost as if they did it on purpose because of my last complaint! The box says "FRAGILE" on it people, come on. Ugh! It must have been tossed from truck to truck. Becareful when ordering from Sephora folks! 

Luckily, nothing was broken, but some product had melted again. In one of the palettes, all of the glosses and eyeliners had melted, fortunately none of the product spilled over and into any of the other pots. I had to refridgerate the palettes for about an hour just to solidify the melted product.
This picture was taken after an hour of sitting in my fridge and, as you can see, some of it is still melted (the eyeliners). I wasnt able to get these back to their normal consistency, they still look pretty much like this.
I recommend buying from their store instead of online!

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