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Proverbs 3:15

Thursday, January 5, 2012


What a way to grab someone's attention, eh?? Sadly, this wasn't just something to get your attention, I did accidently cut my lashes off, but not all of them, thank God!

Hello Lovees! I am happy to bring you all this amusing post, it was highly requested and I hope it makes you laugh! :)

Some may remember, I have complained about this so much; but, I HATE the ELF lash curler! Every time I use it, it some how manages to cut my eyelashes! No, I did not pull them out on accident with the curler, nor did I pinch myself and pull my lashes out. I cannot understand why this keeps happening and I don't plan on investigating and losing more lashes!

Basically, this is what happend.
I'm getting ready for New Years and I have finished my makeup look for the night. All there is left for me to do is curl my lashes and apply mascara. I can't find my everyday, drugstore lash curler, so, unwillingly, I turn to my ELF one. Rubber in place, old mascara goop wiped away, I place it along my lash line and clamp down. And I hear it. That scary, easily recognized sound of hair being snipped. My heart is suddenly beating loudly in my ear as the panic sets in. "Oh no.. Oh my God, not again!". I pull the lash curler away and look closer in the mirror. Yup. In the center of my lashline, I have a bald spot. *le sigh*

You can imagine what happens next. I tossed the curler for good and whipped out the ol falsies and lash glue.
RED arrows: my bald spot, oh no!
BLUE arrow: My peely eye rash! (Post coming soon on that)

It took me 3 months to grow out my lashes the last time this happened. Only, last time I somehow managed to snip my entire lashline on both eyes! So, hopefully it won't take as long to grow out this time around.

Go ahead and have a laugh at my bald spot, its ok! I have to admit, it is so ridiculous that I even laughed at myself this time :)

What do you think? Have you had a similar accident happen to you before? I would love to hear it!
Also-- has anyone else had this happen with their ELF curler?

Love and Lipstick,


  1. The same happened to me using the Elf curler!!!!!! I now have chopped off eyelashes on both eyes.

  2. The same happened to me using the Elf curler!!!!!! I now have chopped off eyelashes on both eyes.


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