Our Lord made every women beautiful

She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Coastal Scents Sale for Halloween!

Hey everyone! Halloween is coming up and right now you can save on CS palettes and brushes; perfect for your halloween tutorials and costumes!

Take off 38% on ALL makeup palettes and hotpots!

And take save 25% on all brushes!

No coupon code necessary; offers expire Nov. 3rd

What will you be dressing up as? Let me know in the Comments section below!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sephora's Allure Beauty Editor's Palette

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This is the second item on my Sephora haul and its another "Traveler's" palette (A palette for on the go!). I had a lot of questions as to why I bought two traveler palettes.
Here's why: The Colorista palette allowed me to pick any shades I wanted for the smaller palette. But sometimes, I took so much time trying to pick and choose colors that it defyed thepurpose of even buying the palette at all; to spend less time at home finicking over my makeup at home! So, I bought the Allure Beauty Editor's Palette by Sephora because it includes 5 already assembled mini palettes in one! When I am really in a hurry, I jsut pick one and go!

Here are the details:

Available at: Sephora

Price: I purchased mine for $54; last I heard it was only $17! :D

Details: 5 mini makeup palettes set into one large container/case. Each palette offers a different look. All the palettes contain 6 shadows, 1 blush, and 1 lip gloss. The palettes pop out of the case and can be put in the mini-compact for on-the-go use.

Compact for mini-palettes.
The hole is to pop the palette out.
Includes a nice mirror and peep-pocket for lip gloss to show through.
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Packaging: Large shiney, plastic case. Has the Sephora logo on the front. Windows allow you to peek through to the palettes.

Removing from the encasing and inserting into mini compact
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Pros: These shadows are so beautiful, they have great color payoff and I am very satisfied with them. There is a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades. The blushes are gorgeous and have amazing pigmentation; all the blushes are matte (yay!). The large case/container that this comes in is sturdy. The palettes pop out easily, but not too easily (they will not be falling out every few minutes). I like that I don't need a stylus/pick to remove the palettes like in the Colorista palette. The colors apply with minimal effort, just tap your brush into them and you have enough product! The lip glosses--Oh my goodness, I love them! They have the look and feel of a gloss but the color of a rich lipstick! And they last a good while. The blush and shadows last me a full work/school day with a primer or some sort.

"Beauty 101"
Neutral glam for those just beginning
Soft taupes and warm cheeks
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"Sparkles Fly"
Sultry evening look
Berry red gloss and a warm sunkissed cheek
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Cons: The shadows are the slightest bit too soft. One of the shadows is matte black and I accidently dropped it on the floor in my bedroom; it chipped a little and left tons of fall out on my white carpet! (anyone know how to get that out?). So handle these carefully. Other than that, I have no complaints about this palette! Except that I bought it when it was still full price LOL!
"Color Theory"
Pop of color!
Nude gloss and blush to tone down the bright eyes
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"All Fun No Sun"
Bronze with a pop of purple!
Rosey pink gloss and a warm blush
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Would I buy this again / Recommend to a friend: YES! Absolutely; I am rarely so completely satisfied with a product but this one has earned its high marks! It makes for a great gift and looks pretty sitting attop a vanity :)

"Where There's Smoke"
Smokey evening look
Mauve cheek and a classic red lip
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Did you ladies love this palette? Do you like the idea of a "on-the-go" palette? Or do you already have something like this? Let me know in the comments below!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sephora Colorista Palette

Has this ever happened to you?: You have three or so favorite shades but they're in a larger palette. When you're in a hurry, you try to just bring the entire thing with you but end up with a broken palette or crushed makeup! There is a fix! Sephora has recently come out with two "traveler palettes". The idea is a small removable palette within a larger one holding all of the shades! PERFECT!

The flash blackened the mirror in a photo. Half of the lid is see-through.
Click to enlarge

Here's the skinny!:

Available at: Sephora

Price: (temporarily?) Discontinued, was available for $30

Details: 40 eyeshadows, 15 Lip colors, 3 Cheek and 3 Bronzer shades, 5 Cream liners, 1 Removable palette and 1 stylus/pick to remove makeup pans. The lip, shadow, and liner pans are all dime sized. The blush and bronzers are about 2'' X 3''.

Blush and Bronzer Swatched
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Pros: Great for travel, small yet sturdy, Nice large mirror on bigger palette, Large variety of shades for the beginner or all makeup lovers. The colors are bright and vibrant. The blushes and bronzers have great color payoff. Lip colors have good pigmentation and are not overly sticky.

Removable inner Palette
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Cons: Stylus/Pick tends to fall out of place quite often and chip shadows. Cream liners are not very pigmented ; they take multiple applications to show up effectively. Lip colors tend to melt quickly/easily. Most shades are shimmer/not very many matte shades (only 5). Bronzers have a slight amount of shimmer to them.
Eyeshadows. These were too shimmery, they picked up too much of the flash; Still beautiful shadows!
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Recommendations: Store this flat or remove the little pick to keep it from crashing into your makeup pans; about three of my lip shades have been smeared by this little guy, and two of my blushes have been chipped from it as well. Definitely use a primer for these shadows. They are not horrible in pigmentation, but will last longer with a primer. The lip glosses in this palette are very fragile. I do not recommend taking them with you in the smaller palette because they melt in even minimal heat very easily, and they tend to get full of loose shadow fallout.

Lip Color and Cream Liner swatches.
Click to enlarge

I really enjoy this palette. I took it with me when I went on vacation this summer. It was perfect in size and held some of my favorite shades. Keep an eye out this Christmas for it to come back on sale!


Knowing I am protected is a thing of BEAUTY
Hello Ladies! Today I don't have a post about a specific beauty product but I do want to talk about beauty; inner beauty to be exact.
A lot of women have a product they they feel completes their look. For some its their favorite lipstick, or just a finishing swipe of eyeliner. But I feel that there are natural components that make us beautiful without all the makeup.
For me, it is the beauty marks on my left cheek, and the slight bags under my eyes that never dissapear ( I get it from my daddy! :D). For my sister, it is her smile. And for many of you it could be something else, like your lashes, or naturally curly hair.
Everyone has natural beauty and part of it comes from being healthy. A healthy inside shines through to the outside!
Today I went to my doctor's office and recieved my Cervical Cancer Vaccination (the One Less shot). It is usually only required for girls up to ages 18.
I am 19 but I decided to still get the shot because Cervical Cancer runs in my family. My aunt and cousin had cervical cancer, and my great grandmother died of it.
I advise all women to get checked and to be vaccinated. Don't believe the rumors about this shot being so painful! I took Ibuprofin before my appointment, and the shot hurt no more than any other vaccine :)
 So get over those fears and protect yourself from this! Do it for yourself, and for your (future) children. And while you're at it, get checked for breast cancer as well; it is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Beauty initially comes from within. Applying the makeup and product only enhances it. Let your inner beauty shine and remember to be One Less :)
-Stay Beautiful

Sephora Haul!

I'm sure everyone remembers the horrible experience I had with Sephora this summer; if not here is the post to refresh your memory!


But there are usually bright sides to most unlucky events and in this situation, it was finally getting my palettes!

Click to enlarge

By this weekend I will have 2 posts on these exciting Limited Edition palettes from Sephora.

The first being the Colorista palette:

Click to enlarge

And the second being the Alure Beauty Editor's palette:

Click to enlarge

I have seen a minimal amount of reviews on other blogs and channels about these two palettes, and so I am really excited to share them with everyone! I will also have a companion video up on the Youtube channel as well, Keep a look-out!

FYI** I have been having terrible issues with the cameras I use lately so please excuse the poor qaulity of this posts' photos; I promise they will be better for the actual reviews!! :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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TONS of free goodies this week from Sephora and Ulta; Pick up your choice of 10 free Deluxe sized samples for makeup, skincare, and hair!
Don't forget to pickup the limited edition 83 peice Studio makeup collection kit from ELF, a $250 value, yours for only $4!
Happy Shopping!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sproos Shop Designer Headbands!

We are getting into fall now and I am more likely to put more effort into my look during this time of year. I spend just a bit more time on my clothes and makeup. I like to dress up straight hair or tame a wavy/curly style with headbands.
I was lucky enough to recieve a handful of cute hair accessories from this wonderfully company for review on my blog! And I might even be doing a giveaway soon! So keep reading in the upcoming weeks for news!
Something I love about this company is how personal it is. The owner, Melissa Motos, and I were emailing eachother back and forth about her fab and chic hair pieces which include headbads, bows, flowers, and pins. These headbands are amazingly comfortable. I hate when I buy a cute headband but have to throw it away because it makes me sore behind the ears after only an hour or two! This is not a problem when it comes to Sproos bands! And another great feature? Free shipping and free returns on anything you didnt like! Talk about pretty much risk free!
I was allowed to pick any ten accessories that I wanted and this is what I was crazy to try out! If you would like to own cute accessories like these, checkout the Sproos website at: http://www.sprooshop.com/ . "Spruce" up your look and Enjoy! ;)

Pearls of Wisdom Stretch Headband: $15
Zebra Scarf Headband: $25

set of five Back to Basics Headbands: $13

Sassy Red Bow Headband: $28

Spring Fever Clip: $10

Green With Envy Feather Headband: $21

Pink Flower Headband: $16
L. Erickson Hot Safari Headband: $28

France Luxe Lacey Headband: (Discontinued)

Night's Black Feather Headband: $23