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She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sproos Shop Designer Headbands!

We are getting into fall now and I am more likely to put more effort into my look during this time of year. I spend just a bit more time on my clothes and makeup. I like to dress up straight hair or tame a wavy/curly style with headbands.
I was lucky enough to recieve a handful of cute hair accessories from this wonderfully company for review on my blog! And I might even be doing a giveaway soon! So keep reading in the upcoming weeks for news!
Something I love about this company is how personal it is. The owner, Melissa Motos, and I were emailing eachother back and forth about her fab and chic hair pieces which include headbads, bows, flowers, and pins. These headbands are amazingly comfortable. I hate when I buy a cute headband but have to throw it away because it makes me sore behind the ears after only an hour or two! This is not a problem when it comes to Sproos bands! And another great feature? Free shipping and free returns on anything you didnt like! Talk about pretty much risk free!
I was allowed to pick any ten accessories that I wanted and this is what I was crazy to try out! If you would like to own cute accessories like these, checkout the Sproos website at: http://www.sprooshop.com/ . "Spruce" up your look and Enjoy! ;)

Pearls of Wisdom Stretch Headband: $15
Zebra Scarf Headband: $25

set of five Back to Basics Headbands: $13

Sassy Red Bow Headband: $28

Spring Fever Clip: $10

Green With Envy Feather Headband: $21

Pink Flower Headband: $16
L. Erickson Hot Safari Headband: $28

France Luxe Lacey Headband: (Discontinued)

Night's Black Feather Headband: $23

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