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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coastal scents 88 Metal Mania Palette

It is finally here! My long awaited palette! I bought this palette initially because I wanted some new colors for spring and this palette is absolutely perfect for just that.This palette is available on the CS website for $24.95, standard palette price. These colors are just gorgeous. They have great pigmentation and color payoff. There is all shimmer colors in this palette (hence the name METAL MANIA) but it is not overly glittery. The colors have a slight sheen to them. There is a range of highlights, bronze/golds, greens, blues, purples, pinks, reds, yellows, corrals, and some browns. These colors are intense and bright, they have perfect spring shades. Luckily my palette didnt come damaged!

Here are the first set of swatches I did for the palette. A grassy green, a yellow toned bronze, an orchid purplem and a corral toned pink. All of these swatches are done with one finger swipe and no base so just imagine how amazing these are with a brush and some shadow insurance or primer potion.

The last set of swatches I did were some more nuetral tones to show that this palette can be extreme and subtle depending on what kind of look you're trying to achieve. The first swatch is a bronze, the next a seaglass teal, the next is a champagne highlight, and the last is a deep brown with a slight plum undertone. The thing I love about this palette is that every color has an undertone or different colored irredescent shimmer to it that makes for an interesting eyelook.
This palette is wonderfully versatille and in my opinion absolutely necessary for this spring.
Thats it for my first CS haul today, lets hope my second package comes in tomorrow!
Happy Blogging and God bless! :)

Coastal Scents Camo Quad

This concealer quad is from Coastal Scents for $7.95 and is a great find. I bought mine in "Medium" and the picture in the center of the collage is true to what it really looks like in person. Some reviews said that this color was way too light to be considered medium but for my skin tone it was just right. This quad is not too light at all. The consitency of this concealer is extremely creamy and equally pigmented. When using this it is very important to use the smallest amount possible. Believe me just one light swipe of the fingertip is a little too much so keep that in mind. Too much product will look cakey. For best results I picked up the product with my finger tip and warmed it between my fingers before dapping it onto my face. After that I blended it out with my C224 and the results were great! The top white color can be used on the inner and outer corners of the eyes and also as a base under shadows. I tried this as a base and it was perfect, just dont apply too much or it will crease. The next shade, moving in a clockwise motion, was a perfect match for my undereye area. The bottom shade was a good color for my blemishes and any scars from healing acne. The last shade was a bit too light to use for a base or under eye/blemish corrector so I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet. I have heard of some people mixing the shades in the quad to find one that suits them best so I guess thats what I'll do. For the price, this concealer is really high quality which is why just a little is the right ammount. I'll probably buy a new one once I hit pan.

Coastal Scents Pro Mini Kabuki & Bag

This itty bitty brush is the cutest thing. This is available at Coastal Scents for $6.95. I thought this was going to be a bit bigger from the picture on their site; however, this is only about the size of my index finger and I have very small hands. My largest finger is a size 6 so you can just imagine how small this is compared to a normal hand. The bag is a replica of snake skin and has a strurdy snap closure.  When unsnapped, the bag rolls open and reveals a linen pouch for your brush. I was expecting something bigger but I'm not entirely dissappointed because I needed something to just toss in my bag when I'm in a hurry. If you're looking for a regular sized kabuki for everyday use you will probably not like this. CS has a few more for only 2 or so more dollars and that would be a better investment. These bristles are very soft but it does shed a little. After my first use it lost about 2 hairs but no more after that. When I opened it, it had an odd smell to it; maybe from being in their warehouse? Overall this brush is cute but not completely worth the money, for a few dollars more you can just get a prettier full sized one that doesnt shed or smell.

Coastal Scents Oval Camoflage Brush

This is one of the brushes I ordered from Coastal Scents, its the C224 concealer and foundation brush. This brush was $3.49. It is great qualty, the bristles are softer than I thought they would be. This comes pretty close as a dupe for MACs 195 only the CS one is not pointed. This brush is firm enough to pat on and blend out product but its not too stiff . I've heard of people using this brush for other things as well such as packing on pigment loose/miniral shadows beacuse it is so versatile. It has no shedding and does not have an odd odor. This brush is great, I'm glad I got it!

YAY! :)

Just got an Email, Fedex has updated my CS order status and its "on vehicle in route for drop off"! Just a few short hours and it will finally be here. My next CS order should be here tomorrow or the day after so I will try to have swatches and reviews up over the weekend. Let me know what else you guys want to hear about.
Happy Blogging and God bless! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Palladio Mosiac Blush

This is a new mosiac blush that I bought. This is from Sally Beauty Supply and is about ten dollars but if you have a Membership it is available for 7 dollars. I prefer buying mosiac blushes because it is a mix of colors and it is easier to find a good match for your skin tone instead of buying several different blushes and hoping one will match you. This mosiac comes in two colors. This one is in Desert Rose, the other had more hot pink shades. I haven't used it yet which it why I only swiped it with a Q-tip. Its shimmery but its only barely noticeable in the sun. Its great and peachy color for spring time. 
Happy blogging and God bless! :) 

Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette

So here are the swatches I promised. The first collage has pictures of the four swatch colors I chose. The first being a silver with a blue undertone. The second swatch is a peach, the third is brown with a bit of a red hue, and the fourth is a gold.
All of the swatches I chose were shimmer but there is a large variety of matte, shimmer, and satin colors. This palette is perfect for the smokey/office eye but can be amplified for night wear as well.
These colors are very pigmented and have wonderful color payoff. These swatches are on my arm without a base, so with a base these colors would be even better.
The second collage shows the pallete closed and opened. As you can see my mirror is already broken and the sponge tip applicators that it comes with are missing.
They fall out very easily and once they're out they are never going back in! The mirror breaking was an accident; I stepped on the palette and it shattered the mirror. Luckily none of the shards got into my shadows and none of the shadows were crushed from the pressure. Be very carefull. These palettes are not the sturdiest.
Overall, this is a wonderful beginner's palette if your not into bright colors and it is great quality for a good price. This palette is available at CoastalScents.com for around 25 dollars. Let me know what you guys think! Happy blogging and God bless :)

Coastal Scents Order Number 2 & 3

I am a big fan of Coastal Scents cosmetics. They have so much to offer from premade and custom palettes, mineral makeup, pigments, brushes, and so much more. Their site is not as glamourous as other sites but it is easy to navigate and offers great prices for quality products. The first thing I ever ordered from them was the 88 Warm eyeshadow palette and I'll have photos and some swatches of it up soon. Last week I also ordered two more palettes, some brushes, concealer quad, and other miscelaneous items but the shipping is taking quite a while so it might be a week or two before it all comes in. When it finally does arrive I will put up a review and some swatches for everyone to check out. For now here is their website in case you want to check out some products for yourself! :)
Happy Blogging and God bless.



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