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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Julep and the Julep Maven (It Girl) Box!

Hey ladies, any of you fans of BirchBox, New Beauty Test Tube, Eco-Emi Box, Luxe Box, and other sampling companies? Then you'll LOVE Julep's Maven Box!

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, these are sampling companies. You pay a monthly subscription fee of about $10 and they send you a box with about 5 deluxe sized beauty, skin, and haircare samples (With the exception of Test-Tube which sends about 15-30 samples once every 3 months for 30 dollars).

These are great because its like a mini christmas every month! But sometimes they're not so great for various reasons. Most people feel that they're not getting their $ worth.

Julep is another company that sends monthly samples, but these are not samples from different companies. These are samples from their company alone. You can check out all of Julep's nail polishes, and spa treatments here:

Some of Julep's gorgeous nail colors!

Here's what sets Julep (like tulip) apart from the other companies:
-Like I said before, these are only Julep products: nail polish, hand and foot spa treatments 
-Julep sends a box every month for $20. For some this seems like way too much; keep reading and I'll show you why its not!
-Additional 20% off your Julep purchases (apart from your Maven box)
-Free shipping on ALL purchases
-You can skip a box anytime you want (Like if you spent your stash on a "just becuase" gift)
-You can skip the box for yourself, and have it sent to a friend instead that month (In case you forgot to get Mom or Sis a gift!) Plus: Every box comes already gift wrapped!
-A percentage of the proceeds from each product in your box is donated to charities that empower women; a new charity is selected every month.
- Julep offers FULL sized products every month.
-And, each month is gauranteed to have more than $40 in product.

Julep featured in Lucky magazine.

Julep made the "It" List in Elle magazine.

A few articles and magazines that Julep Maven has been featured in.

Some may want cosmetics, hair and skincare over hand and foot products; but if this is something you want to try or you just want to get your moneys then maybe this is for you.

Stay tuned, I'll do a full review on my first Maven Box and I'm doing a GIVEAWAY!

Is this something you would be willing to try? Or would you just test it through the giveaway first? Let me know in the Comments section below!

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  1. Sounds interesting. I think it's good that you can skip months, but I probably wouldn't try it because I am very simple when it comes to beauty products.

  2. @Yara
    Some people have such amazing natural beauty that they look great without any makeup! So Lucky right?!
    If makeup isnt really your thing, keep in mind that the Julep box is only nail and mani/pedicure products! :)
    If its not something you are willing to buy on your own, you can always try winning it risk free in my giveaway! I'll have it posted soon! :) Good Luck!

  3. Just a little tip for anyone who is thinking of signing up. If you do sign up then enter the code: intro5 you can get your 1st box for only $5! You save around 15 dollars!!

  4. Thanks Veronica!
    Also, if that coupon has an expiration date you can use coupon code Vixenslovee at checkout and your first box is $5, this runs until the end of December! happy shopping everyone! :)

  5. Just an FYI, My GIVEAWAY has been posted! Good luck ladies! :)


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