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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Julep Maven November "It Girl" Box

Hello ladies! So I have been waaaay off track these past weeks (It feels so much longer!) but here I am feeling refreshed and with tons of ideas for posts in my head! I wish I could get them out as fast as I thought them!
But anyway, what I have been wanting to get out is news about this company! And my first Maven box!
Here's my thoughts on the box overall.
Julep Maven box
Packaging: This cute little black box (looks like a shoe box) is what gets delivered to your doorstep. Open it up to find a few papers and notecards sitting atop a paperbag tied with ribbon (their idea of "giftwrapped"). I believe each month features a different colored ribbon. Mine was pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month I believe. And all your goodies come inside the bag, no tissue paper like BirchBox or LuxeBox.
Polish comes gift wrapped
Items recieved: This month I got two nail polishes; Zoe and Samantha. I also recieved a full sized Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub. The last thing I found at the bottom of my bag was 2 mini travel samples: the hand scrub again and their Everyday SPF Handcream; which I thought was nice o have in  my purse just in case.
Hand Scrub

How much was paid: This was my introductory box that I got for free, but is available to everyone with coupon code vixenslovee for only $5!
Mini samples; perfect to toss in my purse!

Overall box value: All items add up to an overall value of $60. If you use the code and get this for $5, this is a Steal!

Liked/disliked: I liked the two nail polishes. Im not the type to wear pink polish, but my sister is so she liked that alot. The orange fall color was perfect for Halloween and even for Thanksgiving. I will definitely be sharing this with family and girlfriends over holiday parties! The hand scrub smells citrus-ey and leaves my hands very smooth and soft; especially helpful during winter months when my hands dry and crack from the cold.
Left: Zoe $14
Right: Samantha $14

Overall: For my first box, I am very pleased with what I got. For the price, it is phenomenal, and even for the regular price of $20, this is still a good deal in my opinion. I hope my next box is just as great!

What do you girls think? Did you like this? Would you try it? Let me know! and don't forget, use coupon code vixenslovee for an introductory price of $5! Happy shopping! :)


  1. That's really interesting - that's what I received for Bombshell a few months ago.

  2. I was a bombshell too! Maybe thats why we had the same products?

  3. If you're already a Maven, why not try getting 3 months for free?? You can by entering my giveaway! Its live right now on the BeautyNews tab! :) Good luck!


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