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Proverbs 3:15

Friday, August 24, 2012

Star Box August 2012 *Special Edition* Le Sang Bleu by Lauren Bradley

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Hi there again!

Here is my review of the August 2012 Star Box! I also did a video review, in case you don't feel like reading; but keep in mind, this review is more detailed and includes tidbits not featured in my video review! Enjoy!

Price: $15 a month, even for special edition boxes like this one!

Special Edition: This box was special, it was designed and curated by Lauren Bradley, fashion designer to the stars. She has recently released her newest collection, Le Sang Bleu, a lingerie collection devoted to bringing out the royalty in every woman.
Check out the collection here!

If you are interested in reading more about Lauren, follow this link!

What I Received:
-Cream Eyeliner in Sculpture, a gorgeous smokey gunmetal! ($9)
-Lip gloss in Pink Petal Rose, a beautiful pink with small blue glitters ($11)
-Star Looks 844 Pointed Slant eyeliner brush ($15)
-Mystic quart crystals (Collect these every month, toss them in a vase or jar, and make a beautiful brush holder!)
-AUTOGRAPHED (NOT mass screen printed signitures) picture of Lauren Bradley wearing her new collection Le Sang Bleu!

-The brush alone paid for the entire box, everything else could be considered extras!
-LOVED all the products
-Eyeliner is super smooth, and SUPER water/smudge proof! Showered and rubbed the crap out of my eyes, this still did not budge without eye makeup remover!
-Lip gloss is the most gorgeous pink color I have ever tried! And I don't even like pink! Has become my favorite lip product this week
-I though the brush was going to be a dud, because it was just so soft and flimsy. But it works amazingly well with the eyeliner!
-The hand autographed photo was a nice touch, Lauren is extremely humble and devoted to her fans; she has even commented on my video and my several Facebook posts!
-Crystals are a cute and neat idea!

-My lip gloss was faulty, it didn't have a stopper, resulting in a glossy pink mess when I opened it. I still loved the lip gloss none the less! I have depotted it so I can continue to use it.
PLUS Star Looks has promised to send me a new gloss, mess free!

Will I Buy Again?
ABSOLUTELY!!!! I cannot pass up a deal/steal like this after trying it out; Im HOOKED!

Marci, the owner of Star Looks handles all the customer service personally! That doesn't happen very often! In this week alone I have gotten about 4 responses from Marci herself; answering any questions I have and complimenting me on my review!

If you would like to try out a Star Box, be sure to check out Star Looks!


Hello Ladies!!

I could not wait to share this with all of you!

Recently, I was sent a new subscription service from an online makeup company called Star Looks.

Star Looks offers quality makeup at an affordable price! After sampling their products, I would compare their products to MAC and Inglot, but at a price more comparable to higher end drugstore products.

Star Looks offers a subscription service of their products; a present sent to your mail box every month!

Price: $15 a month (Super inexpensive!)

What you get:
3-4 FULL sized makeup products
PLUS mystic quartz crystals to collect in a vase and make a beautiful brush holder!

Worth it?

I believe this is a WONDERFUL service for the price. Sure, Birchbox is only $10 a month, but you do not receive full sized products, and you don't always get solely makeup.

That is the reason I LOVE the Star Looks *Star Box*.
-Full sized products
-Crazy affordable price
-GREAT quality makeup.

If you are interested in the Star Box or in trying out Star Looks products, follow this link!

I'm Engaged!!!


ER STORY-----^^^^

Hello there friends!! 

Just an update, I have been super busy this month of August!!

-Being checked in and out of the ER AGAIN for my anaphylaxis
-Last semester of Nursing school before I graduate!

It has been quite a hectic but very exciting, never boring, month for me!

I understand I have neglected my blog quite a bit, but I am back and ready to give it even more energy!

This month I have about 5 reviews to post so keep an eye out for them!

On a side note; would any of you be interested in Fiance tags/videos?
Maybe a peek into my wedding planning and a virtual wedding of sorts?
Wedding makeup/hair tutorials? Let me know!

Love and Lipstick,