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She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this Memorial day weekend, I know I am! I have been spending my vacation in the sun and by the beach with my family. I also got burned! And i don't mean sun burned, I actually got burned with hot oil. While making dinner, the oil I was cooking with popped and jumped to my face; It looks like it is scarring! It is huge, dime size? But, oh well. It happens. So for this week I will be enjoying family time (and putting aloe on my burn); and after this week I will have most of my posts up. Enjoy your holiday!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

ELF Cosmetics!

I remember back when I was in seventh grade, ELF cosmetics made their first debut in my local Dollar Store. I was new to makeup and my mom bought me one of their eyeshadows and I loved it to death; used it until I hit pan. My friends were all trying out makeup too but they all made fun of me for using ELF because it was "cheap dollar store" makeup. I never used it again and everyone considered this stuff poor quality... Now here I am almost seven years later and I'm seeing ALOT of ELF makeup everywhere, even Target. And what surprised me most was that so many gurus love their products! I guess this stuff is no longer considered cheap qaulity? Anyway, since there were so many good reviews out there, I decided to do a haul. And by haul I mean HUGE haul. I think I bought about... close to 60 studio line products and about 40 essential products. Thats about 100 things give or take! I just put my order in maybe a few minutes ago, I cannot wait for this stuff to come in so I can show you guys!If you use ELF well here is another few reviews for you to enjoy and if your on the fence about it like I was then the both of us will have to wait for the order to come in to see if its worth the money. Keep reading for the updates! Happy Blogging, and of course God bless :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shaklee's Enfuselle Balancing Moisturizer

I had an earlier post on Enfuselle and I got Emails asking for more reviews on this brand because its not commonly heard of. For those who have never heard of or tried Shaklee products, I can tell you it is a company that asks for investment. This stuff gets pricey but it is extremely worth the money. Of everything I have ever tried, this is the stuff I swear by and recommend to everyone. So with that said, I'll have more reviews on all their products that I use in the upcoming weeks.
This is my all time favorite moisturizer, as you can see I have used it almost all up! and When I order this, I use every last drop. Call me cheap but I will wipe every bit of lotion out with my fingers or I'll use a Qtip if I cant reach it lol, which I have been doing as of late. But I just ordered a new one so I'm hoping it comes in before I run out completelyI love this stuff to death, I have been using it for about five years now and I plan to use it until (God forbid) they stop making it. This can be found on Shaklee's website for $25 (w/o shipping and tax) and the bottle contains about 2 oz of product. What I love is how light this is. This feels like I'm not even putting on moisturizer but my skin feels so soft and quenched. There is no dryness, tightness, stretching, etc of my skin at all after I have put this on. This gives skin at matte finish which scores big points for me; I hate when a lotion feel good on your skin but leaves it shiney. This also firms the skin by repairing the skins collagen and protecting it from the suns future damage! After using this for years, I have no premature wrinkles and my skin holds its youthfulness; this product, overtime, has left my skin glowing and naturally beautiful. The photo of me and my main squeeze in the about me section shows me using just this moisturizer and some mascara and eyeliner. Everyone asks what foundation/concealer I'm wearing in that picture and are shocked when I say I'm not wearing any! This lotion is just amazing over all. It has all natural ingredients, no additives, no oils, no parabens, hypo allergenic, no perfumes, no animal testing, no soaps, no artificial ingredients. It is the purest thing you can find for your skin.
The clinical results over the period of 28 days are as follows:
146% increase in skins resiliance
268% decrease in appearance of fine lines
173% decrease in appearance of wrinkles
Restorative of skins natural lipid levels
Basically dolls, this stuff is a miracle worker :) I love it, and if I could provide this for every lady out there, I would. Hope you all get a chance to try it, Happy Blogging! And as always, god bless :)

Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion

Here is another moisturizer I tried and its Biore's Nourish with SPF 15. I found this at Walmart for around $9. I got this because I absolutely love Biore's cleansers, so I trusted that the lotion would be good too. (I'll have cleanser reviews up soon!) This lotion is supposed to deliver nutrients, balance and fortify the skin. I usually only use this at night because its quite heavy but I like the way my skin looks in the morning. I wake up with a softer and more glowing complexion; maybe from the "balancing and fortifying"? Whatever it is, I really like it! The only reason I don't use it for day is because the heavy consistency leaves my skin oily :p Darn oil! Lol, but for night time use it is perfect. It hydrates my skin over night so in the morning I don't have puffy dark eyes (dry skin under the eyes causes all of that!) and in the morning I just wash off excess oil and use my lighter day lotion. If you dont have oily skin, this is a great product for all day wear. Happy Blogging!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Olay Complete

Another moisturizer I tried was Olay's Complete moisturizer for Combination/oily skin. This was around $10 at Walmart and I had heard great things about it so I bought it on a whim. I came home and tried it for a few days. The box promised a light and non greasy formula with UV protection and Vitamins E & B3. After trying it for about a week, I could not stand it anymore :/ It actually burned when I put it on my face. Again I didnt like the smell on this one either and it still left my face oily. I decided to look on Olays website and the reviews their from other (dis)satisfyed customers said that the company developed a new formula recently (the one I bought) and that it was just horrible. Others agreed with me that it was not oil free and made their faces more oily. These ladies were very upset and all were demanding the old formula back which was truelly Oil-free. I should have read the reviews before purchasing lol. But I didnt completely waste ten dolars; this moisturizer turned out great for my mom :) I'll keep looking!

Proactive Solutions

I have been obsessed with moisturizers lately. Its close to summer and my skin needs a light moisturizer that won't give me any oil and but add some SPF. I am still on that struggle to find that perfect moisturizer! But I have tried a number of some recently and I thought I would share what I thought about them. The first is Proactive's Oil Free Moisture with SPF 15. It comes in their package for $30.  This was supposed to keep from adding oil to my skin, which I really need because I have oily skin. I had high hopes for this but they came crashing down after I tried this. I was hoping for something light that can go on under makeup. It is light, but thats the only thing I liked about it. This is not oil free, it actually made my skin more oily! Especially on my forehead. This also smelled yucky. So I don't recommend this for those of you with oily skin. I'll keep looking for that perfect moisturizer, wish me luck!

Blemish and Breakout Treatments

I have two products that I use for fighting serious breakouts when I need fast results. We've all been there, its the day before prom or picture day, or some other big event and we wake up with a pimple staring us in the mirror. Before you bring out the heavy concealers, try these treatments first. My favorites are actually not blemish spot treatments, but rather masks for the enitre face. Masks are used to dry the skin of excess sebum and oils, close up pores, and deep clean the face. They can be really harsh if used too often and thats why these are only to be used about once a week. But, for blemish fixes, instead of using once a week I use these almost every night... as spot treatments! Using the masks this way protect my face from drying out but still gives those stubborn pimples the deep cleaning they need. After washing and moisturizing, I take clean fingers and dab some on any pimples or future breakouts. It dries on like a mud and I can sleep with it on knowing that my blemishes are being purged over night.By morning, my pimples are less red and swollen if not completely gone!
The first mask I use is from Shaklee and its their Enfuselle Infusing Mineral Mask. It contains minerals to condition the skin, and purified mud and clay to purge impurities. This can be found online but it only comes in their skin care package for $220 or the membership price of $187 (YIKES!) . Yes it can be pricey, but its well worth it. The package contains other skin care products catered to your specific skin type and needs. Its all natural ingredients and is garuanteed. I would most likely never spend that much money on a product; this was actually a gift from my parents. 
The next mask I like is from Proactive and its the Refining Mask. It comes in the Combination Therapy package along with other great items. The entire package overall is $30. This mask contains 6% sulfur, which I have never seen used in any other products, to deep clean the skin and fight blemishes. This actually works better than the Enfuselle one! You don't have to buy costly packages from companies online, I bet this would work with any mask. Give it a try! Happy Blogging and God bless! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Suave Professionals Invigorating Clean Shampoo and Conditioner

Some emails concerning what I wash my hair with made me laugh. Alot of people thought I used really High end products and I just thought it funny because its actually the complete opposite. If you havent already noticed, I use the cheapest thing that smells good when it comes to shampoos and stuff like that. The only time I have ever used a high end shampoo and conditioner was about three years ago. My dad bought me Joico K-Pak as a gift and it was about $45 a bottle (can you say thank you daddy?!?). I have to admit, it did amazing things for my hair. But for now, since my hair isnt in bad condition, I stick to the everyday drugstore stuff. Right now I'm using Suave Professionals Rosemary+Mint Shampoo and Conditioner. I get it at Walmart for $1.84, and I love it :) I like the smell, I like that it gives me that tingly clean feeling on my scalp, and I like that it saves me money. Thats all there is to my shampoo and conditioner guys. I hope this made you guys smile, and realize I'm just like you :)

Tresemme Thermal Creations

Because I use heat on my hair almost everyday I have to use a heat protectant on my hair and the best one I've used so far is Tresemmes Thermal Creations Heat Tamer. I bought this at Target for $3.88! And it works really good. I love the smell, and I like that the bottle now has a lock on it so you don't accidently spray the inside of your drawer and waste all your product. It hydrates hair to lock in moisture and keep hair from being dried and damaged from heat and friction. It also leaves hair very soft and it isnt too sticky. I hate when a product makes your hair crunchy or sticky. I give this one five stars for a drugstore find.

One n Only Argan Oil Creme

Lately I have been getting into skin and hair care (hello to dry skin and hair lol) so I went to Sally's Beauty Supply to see what was new and selling big. I came across this hair creme. Its "One n Only Argan Oil Style Creme and Curl Creme". I have never used anything with Morrocan argan oil but I heard it is good for age defying treatment and restoring the skin and hair. Its is full of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which restore the hair to its natural and beautiful soft state. This is at Sallys for $9.49 each bottle, or $8.49 for club members, (style and curl) and comes with a pump, which I love. The bottles are 10 oz and last a good long time. I use it on my hair right after a shower, before I style my hair. It has an AMAZING smell, which is one of the reasons I bought it. It has made my hair less frizzy and guards it against moisture. I also have had softer and shinier hair since using this; it works really great. It gives my hairstyles good hold, smells great, and nourishes it. It is alos good for color protection. I love these cremes and I'm buying more once I run out, Go give them a try! :)

Face Scrubbie

When I first started questioning people about their skincare, I had a million questions from products others use to how they used them and why. One thing I never asked was what people use to clean their face with, I assumed that most just used their hands. Now there are products out there to help wash your face, like the Clarasonic and the Wave. I've been wanting to try those but they can get pricey, and to be honest I am young and usually do not have tons of money to throw around so I have yet to get any of those products. Instead, I use this cute little face scrubbie and it has done wonders for my face! I used to have acne prone skin and I would get major breakouts; especially around the time I got my period. But ever since I have been using these scrubbies I have only had about three pimple. Not three breakouts, just three pimples. I bought this scrubbie at... The Dollar Store! It came in a three pack and I thought "why not give it a try". Im glad I did. This thing is double sided for superior cleaning. One side is soft and lathers nicely; while the other side is for exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and debris, giving you a clean and bright complexion. I like that these can be thrown in the wash and be reused, or you can just throw them away and buy new ones at the Dollar store. I definitely reccomend this if, like me, you cant afford the bigger products at the moment. It works great and its only a buck :) Happy blogging and God bless!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Avon 12 in 1 Shimmering Eye Palette

I'm an Avon fan for some of their products, but definetely not for this one. I'm not sure why this turned out so bad for me? Avon's site has reviews of how GREAT this is so maybe I just got a bad batch?This is Avon's eyeshadow palette, its available for backorder on their website for the price of $20.00. I ordered this when it was still in the catalogues so I got it for less but I dont rememeber the exact price. This palette has 12 colors which break up into 3 quad color arangements. These colors are really beautiful in the palette but on the eyes, they just skip. The quality of these shadows is poor. I have to apply again, and again, and again to get a decent color payoff. There are only like 2 or 3 colors that go on nicely, but overall these are just really flakey. They work way better wet as a liner so thats what I use mine for. I usually love Avon products but this was just disappointing. Maybe you guys will have better luck with this than I did. Happy blogging and God bless!

Flirt! High Wattage Intense and Creamy Lip Color

I had a poll going on a while back asking readers which is their favorite brand of lipstick; the winner was Revlon. I have never tried their lipsticks but I think now I will :) Anyway, because I was asking all of you about your favorite brand I thought I would share mine! My favorite lipstick at the moment is Flirt! Cosmetics High Wattage Intense and Creamy Lip Color. I bought this in December of last year while doing some Christmas shopping and I have yet to declare a new favorite lipstick. This is the best I’ve tried and the name is true to the product. This lipstick is available at Kohl’s for $12 and there are 30 different shades; however, they have a brand new 31 shade out for a limited time only and it is gorgeous (Golden Confetti). I’ve wanted to get it but it’s sold out right now. The shade I got is Entice and it is a rich dark wine pink. This really is “high wattage” because the color is super intense. If you’re not looking for a bright pop of color then this isn’t for you. This lipstick is amazingly pigmented and lasts for a few hours which is great. One thing I love about this lipstick is that it wears away nicely too. I hate when a lipstick looks good at first, but when it wears off it just looks dry and flakey. This lipstick does not have that problem. It is super creamy and applies very silkily. When it wears out it keeps the creaminess but just wanes down in color and shine; the end result looks like a lip stain so it doesn’t look bad, even when it’s fading! I love this lipstick and plan on getting new shades in August. I've added a photo at the bottom of this post of me wearing High Wattage Lip Color in ENTICE. Happy blogging and God bless!

Tweeze Me!

I went on a Sally’s run a few weeks ago to pick up some balm and hair products and I ran across these tweezers. They were all so cute, there were a dozen different designs but I liked these best. I bought them because they were cute. These tweezers are at Sally Beauty Supply for around $4 I believe. I can’t remember the name of them but they’re right by the front counter. I didn’t go home and try them out right away; I just threw them in my catch all. But when I finally did use them I was just a tiniest bit disappointed. I didn’t like the way the tips of the tweezers felt, it was actually really sharp, it felt like a metal emery board on my brows. It’s almost like the manufacturers didn’t file down the tips. I haven’t used the tweezers since so I think I’m just going to file them a little myself. I also didn’t like that they barely opened up. As you can see in the third picture, these don’t open any more than a like three centimeters. It’s a cute pair, but it’s not working for me lol. Maybe for some of you, this could work. Anyway I guess that’s what happens when you buy something just because it’s cute! Happy blogging and God bless!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have had some questions about how I store my makeup, to be honest I store it just like every other person on blogs and youtube. I've been remodeling my storage and buying new bins because my old ones were broken/dirty/too small. This is what I've got done so far, my collection isn't all huge yet lol I'm not about buying just to have it. I buy things I would enjoy and use, not just collect and let get old and dusty.

The first container I think was from Big Lots, they have really amazing stuff their I never knew! lol You learn something every day :) I keep just random things in their: hair ties, new products that I havent reviewed yet.. Its kind of full right now. Its just my catch-all untill I get everything put away.

 Second container is from Wal Mart and I think it was around $3, maybe more. The top drawer has all my lip products from balms to stains, glosses and lipsticks. The middle drawer has eye liner pencils, gel liners, brow pencils, shadow pencils, and other eye pencils I missed. The bottom drawer has all my mascaras in it.

The third container is also from Walmart and it was around $8 and it is pretty huge, I can actually fit palettes in this thing! I dont even have to buy seperate containers for all eye products, then all face products; this thing holds everything. From top to bottom; the first drawer is just a tool drawer. I keep all  my eye lash curlers, eye lash brushes, sharpeners, mirrors, tweezers, brush bags, and things like that in there. The middle drawer has all my face products like concealers, foundations, minineral and mouse makeup, powders, blushes, ect. The last drawer is where I keep all my eye makeup, it holds all my palettes, quads, duos, single shadows, hot pots, loose pigments and glitters.

Its nothing fancy but some people just had questions about it, hope you guys enjoyed it :)
Happy blogging and god bless!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Drugstore Favorites!

I had some emails about the posts I've done recently. Some readers shared with me that the products in my recent posts are a little too pricey and that is completely understandable. Even for me, it is hard to fork up some cash while also paying for books, tuition, ect. So I'm going to take a break from the high end products and concentrate on products we can all afford. I'm sorry if anyone was offended.
Ok so I currently only have two drugstore favorites this month. I've been trying to limit myself lately on what I buy so this month I've only bought two things..so far :)

The first is Maybelline's Fit Me! foundation. This can be found at any drugstore but I bought mine at Target for $6.49 (wow steal!). My shade is #220 and I like this foundation because it is really light, not oily, and doesnt slide off after I've set it with powder. This is supposed to be an all natural line so there are no oils or waxes or anything like that in it. I really like that it is breathable, it looks natural but it covers up flaws. The finish is very matte so that is a plus. The only thing I didn't like was that its just in a glass container so it kind of pours out. I prefer a squeezable tube or pump. Other than that I really love it.

The next thing I bought was Revlon's Just Bitten lipstain+balm and this is available at target for $7.04, so its a really great price for the quality of the product. This is better than any other lipstain I've tried. I even like it better than Bobbi Browns lip and cheek fluid stain! The applicator is like a felt tip marker but it never dries out. The color is very pigmented and lasts a really long time. The balm is not retractable so that brought it down a star for me. Be very careful when capping the balm because many girls have just broken it off. I bought mine in the "Forbidden" shade. But I highly reccomend it!
Thats it for drugstore faves, as always happy blogging and god bless!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Samples :)

I got some emails about the samples and packaging that my CS order came in so I've decided to do an entry about it. Unfortunately I already threw away all the packaging so I can't show you that but I can do my best to describe it: the order came in two boxes and was filled with heavy duty pink packing tissue. Around the sides of the boxes were styrofoam tablets to protect the whole pack. Each palette was wrapped in giant bubble wrap and pink tissue. The concealer quad came in a black shimmer drawstring bag and that was wrapped too. All the brushes were indiviually wrapped and put in drawstring bags as well. The pencil and brush pouches were wrapped as well. Sitting atop the boxes was Coastal Scents business cards and some samples. They usually only give one sample per order but the bigger the order, the bigger the samples. Here are some of the samples I recieved.
These were two eyeshadow samples I got, the first was a green shimmer color called Envious and the second was a perriwinkle color called Fairy Wings. I don't plan on using these, I just collect them, so thats why I didnt swatch these.

Another sample was this mini pink brush set. Its supposed to be for travel and on the go use. Like I said, this is just going to be collected. The brushes were actually pretty soft for just samples. It included a powder, lip, and eye brush. Its always fun to see what freebies they send you but that is the last of my CS reviews for a while. I promise! Lol Until then as always, Happy blogging and God bless! :)

Coastal Scents 78 Shadow Blush Palette

This is CS 78 Shadow and Blush Palette and it is available for only $18.95! Amazing price for this palette because this really has it all. Although the name doesn't say it, this palette not only has shadows and blushes but also 12 eyeliners. This is the perfect beginners palette because it has everything from nudes and neutrals to bright spring colors, it has shimmer, matte, and satin finishes; their is so much to work with and a lot can be achieved with this palette. It comes in the standard palette encasing with the full mirror and two spongetipped applicators.
These are some swatches of the brighter colors but there are some incredible neutrals as well.

These are two of the 12 liners in the palette. These can be applied with a wet liner brush. The first swatch is a shimmery silver and the second is matte black. 
This is the last swatch I did, its two of the blushes. The first is a soft pearlescent pink and the other is a matte satin rose. There are also nude, peach, and different shades of pinks and roses. 
This palette is so versatile and great for the price. I would keep it but I don't need another palette for now so this will be another gift. Thats it for my Coastal Scents haul, thank you for bearing through it with me!
Happy blogging and God bless! 

Coastal Scents Pink Perfection Kabuki

I ordered this cute kabuki brush from CS and it is $8.95 on their website; I believe it is the most expensive brush they sell so that is a great deal. They have some really good brushes for unbeatable prices! This kabuki is one of the softest brushes I have ever felt. I'm not exactly sure what the bristles are made of but it is incredible to the touch. It is hot pink from the ferrule to the end of the bristles. The ferrule is very sturfdy and holds the hairs together very well. This kabuki is great for powders; because the hairs are full and packed together this kabuki gives great application. It is average size for a kabuki, from top to bottom it measures close to four inches. This brush came in a soft pliable plastic case which keeps the bristles safe and clean. This bag is for keeps; not a disposible baggie like other brushes have so don't throw it away! The kabuki did not smell when I opened it and it has NO loose hairs whatsoever. Even after washing the bursh did not lose hairs or dyes. This brush is great for the price. if not an absolute steal. I love this brush but I hate pink! lol So this will just be given away :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Falling Behind!

Hi everyone, I know there was an expected posting today; however, my dog just had surgery and he isnt doing too well. They sent him home today and he is just so lethargic I am literally sitting with him in my arms ALL day long. The doctor said no bathing, jumping, running, climbing stairs, etc for two weeks. He also cannot be around my other two dogs, his mate and their only puppy. So basicaly I am watching him 24/7 until those 14 days are over :/ He has a cone, is in pain, and just feeling like crap. He tried to stand up and fell right over again, poor thing! So Im very sorry but I'll try to get in a few postings if he takes a nap with his meds; if not, I hope you all understand. Please keep my little love and sunshine Hyphy in your prayers! Happy blogging and God bless!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More To Come!

Thats it for todays posting, I have class in just a few short hours but I will have more up tomorrow! The next three or so postings will be Coastal Scents products because I had such a big order and I'm still not done reviewing all the stuff I bought ($115 worth) so if you're getting tired of CS I'm very sorry :/ But its most likely ending tomorrow. After that I will have a few drugstore favorites up and some hair products that I'm currently in love with :) Let me know what else you guys want to hear about: monthly favorites, wish lists items that I have my eyes on, daily makeup looks? Just send me a message or Email me and I'll have some of those ideas in new posts coming soon. Thanks for all your support, Happy blogging and God bless!

Arabian Gold Pencil & Makeup Pouch

This cute golden bag is available at CS for $8.95; I bought two so I could keep one and give one away. This bag is faux reptile skin and measures 9 inches so its perfect for those long brushes and pencils. This is great for travel or when your just in a hurry and need to toss a few brushes or pencils in your bag but you dont want them to get messed up. The center photo has a size six shoe lol I couldnt think of what to compare it to until AFTER I had edited pictures, I then realized, you know I could just measure the darn thing. Oh well, its just for laughs now :) The pouch is very soft and looks quite elegante.The zipper is very sturdy and will not snap with a firm tug. The pouch opens from end to end which is great. I know sometimes with other packs, the bag would be long enough but the zippered opening was too short to fit my brushes in and I would have to put one end in first and then kind of squish the other end in: damaged my brushes; quick fix for that is to just buy this bag. The inside is lined with a very heavy plastic so it is easy to clean and doesnt leave fallout or smudges all over the place. It's also more hygenic because cloth and fabric holds more bacteria than a plastic lining would. Anytime you wash your brushes just give this pouch a wipe with some antibacterial wipes. It's a great buy, I love it.

Pink Perfection!

I ordered a pink kabuki from CS but I forgot to take some photos of it! so I'll try to have that review up tomorrow :) Sorry for those who were waiting to see it; for now all I can say is WOW, great investment :)

Coastal Scents Small Pencil Crease Brush

This is the crease brush I ordered, it was $3.29 and I'm kind of regreting buying it. I almost don't use it. The first thing that caught my eye was how long this brush is. This brush is about 8 inches long! I do not like that at all, it is just a personal prefrence of mine; some people wouldnt mind the length of a brush. The bristles are made from a "goat hair blend". This brush was also a little on the scratchy side. Though the name says crease brush, I don't reccomend using this for the crease and outer V work because it is just way too precise. I tried it and it ended up being very hard to blend out and even after I had blended it, it still looked harsh. This is better for smudgeing liner or applying a little white or shimmer on the inner corner of the eyes. Other than that I dont use it at all. This doesnt compare to anything becuase I'm pretty sure there arent brushes with this many downsides. The only upside I would say is no shedding.

Coastal Scents Doefoot Angle Blender

This is the C419 Angle Blender and it is available for $3.95 on the website. I mostly bought this because I have never tried a doefoot brush of any kind and I wanted to see what it was all about. I was a little disappointed when I opened my brush. The bristles around the outer edge were frayed and spewing in crazy directions. Im not sure if it was from packaging or handling but it brought it down a star on the scale for me. The bristles were not as soft as I thought they were going to be, considering all the other brushes were really soft.This brush is made from a combo of goat and sable hairs (might explain the scratchiness) and it is a little fluffy. I thought this was going to mud out my shadows but I was wrong. The brush didnt look good but when I used it, it really changed my thoughts on it. Though it is fluffy, this brush has really good precision and control on crease work and blends out shadows amazingly. This is now definitley a must in my collection, I would compare it to something but I haven't found anything like this yet so if anyone knows of a dupe, send me a message.  

Coastal Scents Devine Medium Eyeshadow Brush

This brush is from the Devine collection from CS. I bought two of these and they are $2.49 each on the website. This brush is glossy black from ferrule to end. The bristles are not synthetic; they are made from pony hair so if you're vegan do not buy this brush. The ferrule holds the bristles together really well, there were no loose bristles when I washed and used them. This brush is very soft but also dense. It is perfect for packing on color and leaves hardly any fall out at all. Again this brush is about standard lenght, six inches I believe. Definitely a dupe for MAC's 213. Great Brush overall.

Coastal Scents Synthetic Shadow Brush

I bought quite a few brushes in my last CS order. This one here is the Synthetic Shadow brush. I bought two of these and they are $2.95 each on the website. The bristles at the top are supossed to be white but as you can see, I have already used mine. Its a fluffy duo-fiber brush and it is great for blending shadows or applying highlight under the brow. The ferrule on this brush is great, there is no shedding what so ever. The handle is standard length and is matte black. The size of the brush bristles are about medium length and very fluffy so this brush will not give you a precise application; its better for blending harsh lines. The brush is very soft and had no wierd smell when i opened it. This can be considered a dupe for MAC's 239, only this is a duo-fiber brush. I am very pleased with this brush and reccomend it.