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Proverbs 3:15

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blemish and Breakout Treatments

I have two products that I use for fighting serious breakouts when I need fast results. We've all been there, its the day before prom or picture day, or some other big event and we wake up with a pimple staring us in the mirror. Before you bring out the heavy concealers, try these treatments first. My favorites are actually not blemish spot treatments, but rather masks for the enitre face. Masks are used to dry the skin of excess sebum and oils, close up pores, and deep clean the face. They can be really harsh if used too often and thats why these are only to be used about once a week. But, for blemish fixes, instead of using once a week I use these almost every night... as spot treatments! Using the masks this way protect my face from drying out but still gives those stubborn pimples the deep cleaning they need. After washing and moisturizing, I take clean fingers and dab some on any pimples or future breakouts. It dries on like a mud and I can sleep with it on knowing that my blemishes are being purged over night.By morning, my pimples are less red and swollen if not completely gone!
The first mask I use is from Shaklee and its their Enfuselle Infusing Mineral Mask. It contains minerals to condition the skin, and purified mud and clay to purge impurities. This can be found online but it only comes in their skin care package for $220 or the membership price of $187 (YIKES!) . Yes it can be pricey, but its well worth it. The package contains other skin care products catered to your specific skin type and needs. Its all natural ingredients and is garuanteed. I would most likely never spend that much money on a product; this was actually a gift from my parents. 
The next mask I like is from Proactive and its the Refining Mask. It comes in the Combination Therapy package along with other great items. The entire package overall is $30. This mask contains 6% sulfur, which I have never seen used in any other products, to deep clean the skin and fight blemishes. This actually works better than the Enfuselle one! You don't have to buy costly packages from companies online, I bet this would work with any mask. Give it a try! Happy Blogging and God bless! 

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