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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Coastal Scents GO Palettes

I love to travel, and I love "traveler" palettes; they're small and convenient for trips! Lately I've been buying things like this:

Sephora Colorista:

Allure Beauty Editor:

And so, of course, I could not go with out buying a few of these cute little GO palettes. I only bought 3, but I plan on getting more (but not all) of them.
All 7 GO Palettes

Available at: Coastal Scents http://www.coastalscents.com/

Price: $8.95 a palette; So Affordable!

Packaging: Plastic compact with large mirror inside. The front of each palette features the Coastal Scents GO logo and the name of the city that inspired it. It also has the company's website printed on it; something I wasn't too fond off, it looks cheap in my opinion.

Palette : 3.22" x 3.31" x 0.62"
Mirror : 2.72" x 2.72"
Shadows: dime sized

Details: 7 portable and travel friendly eyeshadow palettes inspired by cities from around the world. Each palette comes with 12 eyeshadows and a large mirror.

Pros: These shadows are decently pigemented. They're perfectly sized.  They last all day with a primer. I love the colors. All the shades combined in each palette are perfectly selected; you're not getting shades that have absolutely nothing in common.
Swatches for Cairo


Cons: There was at least one or two chalky shades in each palette,; those shades were harder to swatch. They take a heavier application to show up on the lid. Without a primer, these are still great, but not as vibrant. If you own any of the other 88 palettes, you may notice some dupes or repeatitions of these shadows. I own the 88 Warm pallete and the 88 Metal Mania palette and I have noticed 2 or 3 crossover shades but I don't mind it.
Swatches for Beijing


Additional Comments: Some people don't like these because some shades are the same as the the other palettes, but I'm not only interested in the shades; Im also interested in the size.

I like the idea that I can toss these in my travel bag or in my purse when I'm in a hurry instead of taking an entire 88 palette.

These would make a great gift. Slide one into the stocking for Christmas, buy a couple and stuff it into a cute cosmetic bag, or spoil your beauty addict friends and family by buying the entire set!

Don't/Do Recommend: Yes, I still recommend the palettes.  These are too cute, affordable, good quality  for the price, just all around a decent find!

Whats your opinion? Do you own any of these palettes? Which ones have you been eyeing? I would love to know! :) I hope everyone gets a chance to try these!

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