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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sephora Colorista Palette

Has this ever happened to you?: You have three or so favorite shades but they're in a larger palette. When you're in a hurry, you try to just bring the entire thing with you but end up with a broken palette or crushed makeup! There is a fix! Sephora has recently come out with two "traveler palettes". The idea is a small removable palette within a larger one holding all of the shades! PERFECT!

The flash blackened the mirror in a photo. Half of the lid is see-through.
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Here's the skinny!:

Available at: Sephora

Price: (temporarily?) Discontinued, was available for $30

Details: 40 eyeshadows, 15 Lip colors, 3 Cheek and 3 Bronzer shades, 5 Cream liners, 1 Removable palette and 1 stylus/pick to remove makeup pans. The lip, shadow, and liner pans are all dime sized. The blush and bronzers are about 2'' X 3''.

Blush and Bronzer Swatched
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Pros: Great for travel, small yet sturdy, Nice large mirror on bigger palette, Large variety of shades for the beginner or all makeup lovers. The colors are bright and vibrant. The blushes and bronzers have great color payoff. Lip colors have good pigmentation and are not overly sticky.

Removable inner Palette
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Cons: Stylus/Pick tends to fall out of place quite often and chip shadows. Cream liners are not very pigmented ; they take multiple applications to show up effectively. Lip colors tend to melt quickly/easily. Most shades are shimmer/not very many matte shades (only 5). Bronzers have a slight amount of shimmer to them.
Eyeshadows. These were too shimmery, they picked up too much of the flash; Still beautiful shadows!
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Recommendations: Store this flat or remove the little pick to keep it from crashing into your makeup pans; about three of my lip shades have been smeared by this little guy, and two of my blushes have been chipped from it as well. Definitely use a primer for these shadows. They are not horrible in pigmentation, but will last longer with a primer. The lip glosses in this palette are very fragile. I do not recommend taking them with you in the smaller palette because they melt in even minimal heat very easily, and they tend to get full of loose shadow fallout.

Lip Color and Cream Liner swatches.
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I really enjoy this palette. I took it with me when I went on vacation this summer. It was perfect in size and held some of my favorite shades. Keep an eye out this Christmas for it to come back on sale!

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