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Proverbs 3:15

Friday, May 20, 2011

Shaklee's Enfuselle Balancing Moisturizer

I had an earlier post on Enfuselle and I got Emails asking for more reviews on this brand because its not commonly heard of. For those who have never heard of or tried Shaklee products, I can tell you it is a company that asks for investment. This stuff gets pricey but it is extremely worth the money. Of everything I have ever tried, this is the stuff I swear by and recommend to everyone. So with that said, I'll have more reviews on all their products that I use in the upcoming weeks.
This is my all time favorite moisturizer, as you can see I have used it almost all up! and When I order this, I use every last drop. Call me cheap but I will wipe every bit of lotion out with my fingers or I'll use a Qtip if I cant reach it lol, which I have been doing as of late. But I just ordered a new one so I'm hoping it comes in before I run out completelyI love this stuff to death, I have been using it for about five years now and I plan to use it until (God forbid) they stop making it. This can be found on Shaklee's website for $25 (w/o shipping and tax) and the bottle contains about 2 oz of product. What I love is how light this is. This feels like I'm not even putting on moisturizer but my skin feels so soft and quenched. There is no dryness, tightness, stretching, etc of my skin at all after I have put this on. This gives skin at matte finish which scores big points for me; I hate when a lotion feel good on your skin but leaves it shiney. This also firms the skin by repairing the skins collagen and protecting it from the suns future damage! After using this for years, I have no premature wrinkles and my skin holds its youthfulness; this product, overtime, has left my skin glowing and naturally beautiful. The photo of me and my main squeeze in the about me section shows me using just this moisturizer and some mascara and eyeliner. Everyone asks what foundation/concealer I'm wearing in that picture and are shocked when I say I'm not wearing any! This lotion is just amazing over all. It has all natural ingredients, no additives, no oils, no parabens, hypo allergenic, no perfumes, no animal testing, no soaps, no artificial ingredients. It is the purest thing you can find for your skin.
The clinical results over the period of 28 days are as follows:
146% increase in skins resiliance
268% decrease in appearance of fine lines
173% decrease in appearance of wrinkles
Restorative of skins natural lipid levels
Basically dolls, this stuff is a miracle worker :) I love it, and if I could provide this for every lady out there, I would. Hope you all get a chance to try it, Happy Blogging! And as always, god bless :)

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