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She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Arabian Gold Pencil & Makeup Pouch

This cute golden bag is available at CS for $8.95; I bought two so I could keep one and give one away. This bag is faux reptile skin and measures 9 inches so its perfect for those long brushes and pencils. This is great for travel or when your just in a hurry and need to toss a few brushes or pencils in your bag but you dont want them to get messed up. The center photo has a size six shoe lol I couldnt think of what to compare it to until AFTER I had edited pictures, I then realized, you know I could just measure the darn thing. Oh well, its just for laughs now :) The pouch is very soft and looks quite elegante.The zipper is very sturdy and will not snap with a firm tug. The pouch opens from end to end which is great. I know sometimes with other packs, the bag would be long enough but the zippered opening was too short to fit my brushes in and I would have to put one end in first and then kind of squish the other end in: damaged my brushes; quick fix for that is to just buy this bag. The inside is lined with a very heavy plastic so it is easy to clean and doesnt leave fallout or smudges all over the place. It's also more hygenic because cloth and fabric holds more bacteria than a plastic lining would. Anytime you wash your brushes just give this pouch a wipe with some antibacterial wipes. It's a great buy, I love it.

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