Our Lord made every women beautiful

She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I have had some questions about how I store my makeup, to be honest I store it just like every other person on blogs and youtube. I've been remodeling my storage and buying new bins because my old ones were broken/dirty/too small. This is what I've got done so far, my collection isn't all huge yet lol I'm not about buying just to have it. I buy things I would enjoy and use, not just collect and let get old and dusty.

The first container I think was from Big Lots, they have really amazing stuff their I never knew! lol You learn something every day :) I keep just random things in their: hair ties, new products that I havent reviewed yet.. Its kind of full right now. Its just my catch-all untill I get everything put away.

 Second container is from Wal Mart and I think it was around $3, maybe more. The top drawer has all my lip products from balms to stains, glosses and lipsticks. The middle drawer has eye liner pencils, gel liners, brow pencils, shadow pencils, and other eye pencils I missed. The bottom drawer has all my mascaras in it.

The third container is also from Walmart and it was around $8 and it is pretty huge, I can actually fit palettes in this thing! I dont even have to buy seperate containers for all eye products, then all face products; this thing holds everything. From top to bottom; the first drawer is just a tool drawer. I keep all  my eye lash curlers, eye lash brushes, sharpeners, mirrors, tweezers, brush bags, and things like that in there. The middle drawer has all my face products like concealers, foundations, minineral and mouse makeup, powders, blushes, ect. The last drawer is where I keep all my eye makeup, it holds all my palettes, quads, duos, single shadows, hot pots, loose pigments and glitters.

Its nothing fancy but some people just had questions about it, hope you guys enjoyed it :)
Happy blogging and god bless!

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