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Proverbs 3:15

Friday, May 6, 2011

Coastal Scents Pink Perfection Kabuki

I ordered this cute kabuki brush from CS and it is $8.95 on their website; I believe it is the most expensive brush they sell so that is a great deal. They have some really good brushes for unbeatable prices! This kabuki is one of the softest brushes I have ever felt. I'm not exactly sure what the bristles are made of but it is incredible to the touch. It is hot pink from the ferrule to the end of the bristles. The ferrule is very sturfdy and holds the hairs together very well. This kabuki is great for powders; because the hairs are full and packed together this kabuki gives great application. It is average size for a kabuki, from top to bottom it measures close to four inches. This brush came in a soft pliable plastic case which keeps the bristles safe and clean. This bag is for keeps; not a disposible baggie like other brushes have so don't throw it away! The kabuki did not smell when I opened it and it has NO loose hairs whatsoever. Even after washing the bursh did not lose hairs or dyes. This brush is great for the price. if not an absolute steal. I love this brush but I hate pink! lol So this will just be given away :)


  1. You're gonna give it away just because it is pink?

  2. Yes, I hate pink! But I purchased it to have a look at it. I have already given it away


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