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Friday, May 6, 2011

Samples :)

I got some emails about the samples and packaging that my CS order came in so I've decided to do an entry about it. Unfortunately I already threw away all the packaging so I can't show you that but I can do my best to describe it: the order came in two boxes and was filled with heavy duty pink packing tissue. Around the sides of the boxes were styrofoam tablets to protect the whole pack. Each palette was wrapped in giant bubble wrap and pink tissue. The concealer quad came in a black shimmer drawstring bag and that was wrapped too. All the brushes were indiviually wrapped and put in drawstring bags as well. The pencil and brush pouches were wrapped as well. Sitting atop the boxes was Coastal Scents business cards and some samples. They usually only give one sample per order but the bigger the order, the bigger the samples. Here are some of the samples I recieved.
These were two eyeshadow samples I got, the first was a green shimmer color called Envious and the second was a perriwinkle color called Fairy Wings. I don't plan on using these, I just collect them, so thats why I didnt swatch these.

Another sample was this mini pink brush set. Its supposed to be for travel and on the go use. Like I said, this is just going to be collected. The brushes were actually pretty soft for just samples. It included a powder, lip, and eye brush. Its always fun to see what freebies they send you but that is the last of my CS reviews for a while. I promise! Lol Until then as always, Happy blogging and God bless! :)

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