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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette

So here are the swatches I promised. The first collage has pictures of the four swatch colors I chose. The first being a silver with a blue undertone. The second swatch is a peach, the third is brown with a bit of a red hue, and the fourth is a gold.
All of the swatches I chose were shimmer but there is a large variety of matte, shimmer, and satin colors. This palette is perfect for the smokey/office eye but can be amplified for night wear as well.
These colors are very pigmented and have wonderful color payoff. These swatches are on my arm without a base, so with a base these colors would be even better.
The second collage shows the pallete closed and opened. As you can see my mirror is already broken and the sponge tip applicators that it comes with are missing.
They fall out very easily and once they're out they are never going back in! The mirror breaking was an accident; I stepped on the palette and it shattered the mirror. Luckily none of the shards got into my shadows and none of the shadows were crushed from the pressure. Be very carefull. These palettes are not the sturdiest.
Overall, this is a wonderful beginner's palette if your not into bright colors and it is great quality for a good price. This palette is available at CoastalScents.com for around 25 dollars. Let me know what you guys think! Happy blogging and God bless :)

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