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She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pure Ice Nail Polishes!

I love finding cheap nail polishes! And this company is available at your local Walmart and Target for just under $1!! These polishes dry really quickly and only require 2-3 coats. Using a top coat has given me a whole week of wear with out any chipping at all; and that's including a few days of cleaning with bleach, which usually strips my polishes. The shade I'm wearing above is called Kiss Me Here; I wasn't trying to send any kisses out! I just thought it was appropriate and fun for the shade's name. It is a opaque gray with a slight blue undertone. I really like this color!

Another shade I enjoyed, and I'm actually wearing at the moment, is pictured below and is called Purple Reign. Excuse my chipped thumb and pointer nail; I've had this polish on for almost a week and a half! This is very bright, almost neon, glossy purple with gold reflects in it. The polish is not to be confused with a glitter polish; there is no glitter peices in it, only gold reflects. I really love it because the gold is subtle but still catches the light with just the smallest glimmer.

If you have not tried this brand before or are afraid to "waste" money on cheap brands that won't have much payoff; I really recommend these polishes! They are only $1, so what you would usually pay for an Essie polish, you can get 8 of these! And they are not tiny bottles like the Essie ones! They only take a few coats, like any other polish, and last a good week without chipping if you wear a topcoat over it! These are definitely "steals"!
You can never have enough polish ;)

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