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Proverbs 3:15

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OVERDUE: Mani-Mondays & NOTDs!

Hey guys! So some of you may remember, I had a nasty accident in the shower about a month ago!

Basically: I was shaving, slipped, and managed to somehow slice off a chunk of my nail off... ouch! It freaked me out because it wouldn't stop bleeding and it hurt! But what is worse, is that I couldn't do Mani-Mondays anymore!! I was still painting my funky looking nail but it just looked so unprofessional. Then I thought, "Eh, who cares!"

It has grown back since then, yay! But here's what's been going on with my nails the past couple of weeks! I hope you enjoy!

This was taken the day a cut my nail up! Looks so gross right? It felt pretty bad too

This is Essie in Nice is Nice
I added pressed flowers as accents
Notice that I didnt care how my nails looked at this point!

Here is Nice is Nice again
This time I did the ol' newspaper trick
I also smeared some of the polish with acetone on a Qtip to give a grungy-look

Here my nail is almost healed!! There is only a teeny itty-bitty piece missing!
This is Sally Hansen in No Hard Feelings
Hooray! My nail did eventually heal!
This is Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty, Kitty
I love it!

Here is Julep's Meagan from the Resort Collection
I added white and orange-y dots as accents

I've been practicing freehand nail art, I'm still rusty!
This is Sally Hansen Grey Area
and Petites in Corduroy

These are my moms nails at the moment
But I just wanted to add it because I did them for here, hehe :)
Again this is Sally Hansen in No Hard Feelings
Orange and blue accent dots
 That's about it for my LONG overdue Mani-Mondays! I hope you liked them, except the horrible jacked up nails for a while lol.
Leave me a comment and let me know which was your favorite!

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