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Friday, April 20, 2012

April Julep Maven Box

Available at: HERE

Box: April Bombshell

Price: $20

Overall Box Value: $

Packaging: Julep is still offering their reduced sized black box, but this month's goodies was wrapped for Easter! It looked similar to a Easter Basket with green grass shreds, bright pastel colors, nail goodies, and chocolate candy eggs!

Items Received:
-2 Nail Polishes in Annette (a dove grey creme) and Parker (a golden tangerine cream). Both are valued at $14 a piece.
-Julep Best Pedi Creme Ever; a mint and cucumber scented lotion for soft sandal ready feet. Valued at $22.
-2 Toe separators in cute Easter colors.(Free perk, not offered on the site)

I must admit, when we received our preview email of this month's boxes, I was not impressed with my box AT ALL. The colors didn't look impressive; they seemed too bland for spring.
However, I decided not to skip the box or trade for another style. I am glad I did not skip, the colors turned out to be very charming; the picture on the preview did not do them any justice!

Another thing I loved this month is that Julep has made a few improvements to the quality of the boxes. 
-They now close the bubble wrapped bags with clear elastic bands which are easy to slip off and on. Much better than the tape which would tear the bag and spill your products everywhere!
-Julep has also added the option of adding additional polish to your box for $5 a piece--STEAL! 

Luckily I was very satisfied with this month's box, I have no "dislikes"!


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