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Monday, July 25, 2011

Open Box Day: Sephora Order Gone Wrong/Terrible Sephora Customer Service

Good evening everyone! I just wanted to Ventilate about my recent Sephora online order and how awful it went; warning everyone to order with caution and do not let anyone push you around, the customer always comes first!

So this might become a little confusing; there is a lot of "she said, he said" but I am so furious that I just have to share and warn others of this terrible experience I just had!

Last Monday: I placed an order for a few gift items that I was hoping to recieve by the end of the week in order to give on a Sunday. I recieved an order confirmation and was supposed to get a tracking number the next day.

Last Tuesday: I have yet to recieve a tracking number by the end of the evening and call to ask for one. Customer service sent me an email right away with the number. I clicked the link and the number read invalid. I entered the tracking number manually and still did not recieve any results. I called customer service and spoke to the same woman who told me that the number could take up to a day to be processed and should be working fine the next day.

Last Wednesday: I tried the number again with no results. I waited until the evening to try again. When I did, it was still reading invalid. I called Customer Service and explained my problem. The woman on the phone told me that "you just need to be patient. You need to learn to have patience in this world." I eplained that I had no problem with waiting for a package but because it was a gift it is time sensitive and I would at least like to know where my package is. The woman told me to give it a few more days. I asked if she could check the status of my order since she had already pulled up my file. She told me that the package would arrive Friday of that week.

Last Thursday: I waited. Tracking number was not working but the woman said that it would be here the next day, so I didnt bother calling.

Last Friday: The package still did not arrive; I waited until 9 PM but no truck pulled up to my house. I called Customer Service and told them my issue. The woman I was speaking to told me "You really need to learn to be patient, we cant all have things right away. If you're package is not there then wait, it will come eventually. If it doesnt show within a month call back and we will find it." I went on to tell her that this service was unbelievable and was causing me to rather buy with their competitor Ulta Beauty. The woman told me "Do what you got to do, If you don't order with us, there are thousands others who will." Unbelievable!

Last Saturday: I went to Sephora here in town and just bought something myself because I needed a gift for that next day.

Last Sunday through today which is Friday: I waited. I did not bother to call back because I really did not want to deal with the horrible service. My grandmother had heart surgery on that Thursday so I decided to spend the day at the hospital. When I got home, my package was sitting on the door step; who knows how long it was out there considering I was at the hospital from 4AM until later that evening around 8PM.  I was not even happy that it had arrived. I opened it and found everything opened, melted, and even found that some articles were missing.

Im not sure how many times this has happened to others, but I just want everyone to be warned! Some reps are pretty cranky and rude!

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