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Monday, September 5, 2011

Laura Geller's The Perfect Pairing Waterproof Liquid and Powder Eyeliner

Ok, to start these fun reviews I have here my absolute favorite of the products sent to me! It is a double ended waterproof eyeliner!
There are two reasons I fell in love with this product: It is like nothing I have ever used before and it is absolutely long wearing.
The shade I got was Brown, although it also comes is Black, Eggplant, and Navy; although, I believe, the Brown and Navy colors are only available on QVC. These are priced at $26.50 each.
Here is how it works:
First apply the liquid liner to the base of the lash line in smooth and quick strokes. This liquid liner dries fast and is smudgeproof. The color comes off  rich and shiny. Next apply the powder liner just above the liquid liner to set the product and brighten the color. The end result looks like an expertly smudged yet clean and crisp soft smokey line that instantly sophisticates any eye look.

 This makes it so easy to achieve a great lined eye look. Sometimes it is difficult finding a liner that isn't runny or if it has the right consistency, it doesn't always appear to be true to color. But this is the perfect formualtion. The liner is made with film-formers to help it dry and last all day. The powder liner is formulated with ultra fine milled natural minerals to make the eyes pop with color.
The liquid liner is small and precise, while the shadow liner has a unique wand that holds the powder and packs it over the lid. My only advice is to tap off any excess of the powder or it will end up under the eye in tons of beautiful glittery fallout! Oh no!
 This is just a wonderful pair and I highly recommend it. This is ophthalmologist tested and safe for those who wear contacts. I understand this may seem a little too pricey for just an eyeliner, no matter how wonderful it is, but it can always be requested as a special birthday or anniversary gift!

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