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Monday, December 19, 2011

Manicure Monday! Essie polish with a Wet n Wild top coat!



Hello lovelies! I've decided to start a new portion/category/section of this blog called Mani Mondays! Every Monday I will post my current manicure; unless I still have the same polish on, then I'll just tweet or FB that there will not be a new Mani Monday post that week. Onto this week's look!

For about half of a week I wore Essie's Little Brown Dress, a darker than milk chocolate brown. But I noticed that this color looked close to black on my nails because of my darker skintone. It was only obviously brown in the sun light. I hate wearing black polish so I was about to change it.

Essie's Little Brown Dress
Looks almost black with my skintone
Milky-chocolate brown in sunlight
Click to enlarge
 I started looking through my polishes for something else when I ran across my Wet n Wild The Gold and the Beautiful. I did a review on this previously and I wasn't too impressed with it. I had to use tons of a base white color and then about 4 coats of the gold on top of that in order for this to actually show up on my nails.

But because I was going to take off the polish anyway I decided to try it over the Essie polish, and I loved it!

 It only took one coat for this beautiful gold to show nicely, and it even made the brown polish show up as brown and not black! Double score!
 I have been wearing this nail look for about 3 weeks now (And I have only needed to touch up once!). I am rarely ever so fond of a nail look. I usually have a new color every 3 days to a week!

What are your Mani Mondays looking like? Tweet me a picture! I'll post my favorites next Monday :)
Currently my favorite nail look!
I took two photo's to capture different glitter particles capturing the light
Click to enlarge

L Wet N Wild's The Gold and The Beautiful
R Essie's Little Brown Dress
2 Coats of Essie and 1 coat of Wet N Wild
Click to enlarge

I can't wait to see everyone's Mani Monday looks! Be sure to tweet or email me your Monday nails so I can post them next week!

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