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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Travalo Perfume Atomizer!

Hello! Ever wanted to take you're perfume with you but the bottle was too big to carry around? Or you had a leak and you lost some product? How about the entire bottle shattered in your bag and now everything is ruined? OH NO!

There is a fix for that! (sorry for the cheesy info-mercial narrating hehe). 

I was sent a perfume atomizer by Travalo

What it is: A perfume atomizer!

Why do would I use one?
-Easy way to carry perfume on the go or while traveling
-Airport approved! (You cannot vacation with you're regular perfume bottle, airport security will take it away!)

Price: The Excel size I received is priced at $21 but the different sizes and colors range from $13-$21

Packaging: The Excel comes in a plastic clear and black bullet case with a silver vine design. The bottom is flat so you can stand it up on your vanity.

How do I fill it up: This thing is the easiest to fill up. I know Sephora also makes a perfume atomizer but their's needs to be filled with a funnel which is prone to spilling. The Travalo Excel has a special stopper on the bottom which allows the bottle to be filled easily but prevents any spills or leaks into your purse or luggage. 
1) Take the spritzer lid off your perfume bottle to expose the little tube/spout underneath
2) Place the stopper of your Travalo over the perfume spout
3) Pump the Travalo as if you were spraying perfume on yourself
4) All done!!

Travalo Excel holds: 65 sprays, about .5 ml 

Available in: 10 different colors and a handful of sizes, styles, and carrying cases!

If you're from the states, you can purchase your Travalo at the Perfume Salon!

Want to win a Travalo? There is a giveaway EVERY DAY on the their Facebook page! Enter the Daily Spray for your chance to win!


  1. thanks for letting me know about this! it sounds like a great little invention.

    1. It really is! I love it and plan on giving a few away in the future :)


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