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Friday, May 4, 2012

Natural Radiance Review!

Hello everyone! I am very happy to share with all of you my favorite web store for Korean skincare products!


This online web store sells the greatest Korean facial products for extremely affordable prices. 
Some of the products they sell include sheet masks, facial masks, bb creams, eye creams and masks, nose strips, and other amazing products for face and body; although, they are expanding to include other beauty items such as Korean brand false lashes!

I have been accepted into the reviewers club for Natural Radiance! As member of the Reviewers club we receive a box of goodies every few weeks to review. This month I received a few sheet masks and some pore strips.

 Clear Derm Sheet Masks ($1-$5)

-Seaweed Essence sheet mask:  This one smells fresh and clean, it does not smell salty or ocean like. It does hydrate the skin.  This is something I would try again.

-Red Ginseng Essence sheet mask: This mask is one that I will not be repurchasing. I definitely do not like this one because of the scent. I thought this would smell like a sort of tea but was unpleasantly surprised when I put this on my face.
 It smelled like dirt, weeds, or roots. Just a earth-y dirty smell. It was so bad that I couldn’t stand wearing the mask for more than a few minutes. 
I tossed it in the trash and left the room. When I came back a half hour later, my bedroom reeked of roots and dirt! I had to open the windows and turn on the scents-y. I’m sure that the quality of the mask and the effects it has on the skin are great, but it smelled so awful I did not get to fully experience it.

-Royal Jelly sheet mask: This is another favorite of mine because it has royal jelly in it and that is something I like a lot of my facial products to have. 

Just a quick FYI; Royal Jelly is what worker bees feed their Queen bee and the larvae. This jelly has a protein that causes queen bees to become fertile, large, healthy, and live longer. There’s a reason why the queen bee is so much bigger than the other bees and lives the longest. She only eats royal jelly. 

Now imagine putting this miracle food on your skin; it is the most nutritious thing you can use on your skin. It provides hundreds of minerals and vitamins to your skin as well as aid in preventing wrinkles. 

This mask is the ultimate treat to your skin, when I used it, I noticed my skin was the softest I have ever felt it and very supple. It smells like baby powder or baby lotion. They recommend wearing this for 15-20 minutes but I left it on for about an hour until it was completely dry so that my skin could absorb all the nutrients.

Pure Derm Sheet Masks ($1-$3) and Pore Strips($3-$5)

-Mineral Water Collagen sheet mask: This mask is by far my favorite sheet mask; I do prefer this one over any of the others that I have tried. It is very hydrating, it refreshes my skin after eating unhealthy or being around a lot of pollution. That can make your skin look and feel exhausted. After using this mask I notice my skin is plumper, has more elasticity, and is over all brighter in appearance.

Aside from the sheet masks I also received 2 boxes of pore strips for the nose which is perfect. These are only a few bucks and work exactly the same as the Biore ones I used to use but for a better price.

I received these in "Aloe" and "Charcoal".
-now the aloe one did not have any scent to it at all which is comforting because if these stink, you  aren’t going to put it on your nose are you?
Also, pore strips can sometimes be painful to use, but this pore strip didn’t hurt a bit. I used this on myself, my sister, and my mother. We all agreed that there was no discomfort when using these. I think it might be the aloe that soothes.

-Last thing I want to talk about is the pore strips in charcoal. I did not like these, again, because of the scent! I am not joking or exaggerating, these REEK of “smoking hotel room”. It smelled like someone who frequently smoke cigarettes. Some may like that smell but I found it very unpleasant and could not stand having the smell around my nose. Aside from the smell, these do work well and clear out your blackheads. The charcoal in these also help shrink pores with regular use.

There were only two or three products that I didn't enjoy from this bunch but mostly because of the smells in them, not because the quality was bad.

Please check out Natural Radiance for some great deals!!

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