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Proverbs 3:15

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Requested: Fine Fragrance Collection

Hello lovelies! After doing my Travalo video I had quite a few Twitter requests to do a collection post and video of my fine fragrances. I have agreed to do this, but I didn't want to do it like other girls do.

Most beauty girls just show what they have and that tends to come off as "flashy, conceited, show-off-ish" to the viewers. So instead of just saying "Hey I own these perfumes, yay..." I wanted to make it a review of perfumes so that you lovely ladies can try them out and maybe even claim one as your signature scent! :)

-Gucci Guilty: I own the 1oz size available for $55. This is a floral-y oriental scent. When first sprayed on this starts as a floral scent but wears into the day and becomes a thicker and richer musky scent. The heart notes contain Amber and Patchouli, which may be too musky a scent for some but I have smelt perfumes that are much stronger. This fades easily in the day and may need reapplication if planning on going out that evening.This scent is great for fall and winter but can be worn in the spring as well.

-Kate Walsh Boyfriend: A gift from my boyfriend, I have the 1.6oz sold for $65. Some may not like this because it is an extremely rich and musky scent, more so than the Guilty. This is supposed to be symbolic to the scent of a man lingering on a woman's body. I know that sounds gross at first, but its supposed to remind you of wearing your boyfriends button-up that still smells of his cologne. It does not smell solely like a boy, it does have a feminine touch to it. This scent has notes Vanilla, Amber, and Jasmine. I recommend this for fall and winter use only.

-Ralph Lauren Romance: I own the 3.4oz bottle available for $84. This scent is very light and floral, and wears all day long. This perfume contains mostly floral notes of Marigold, Rose, Chamomile, Freesia, Violets, Lotus Flower, and Day Lilly. It is a very light floral scent.It makes a nice spring and summer scent.

-Acqua Di Gioia: This was another gift, I have the 1oz size available for $40 (very affordable, in  my opinion). This is a light and crisp scent. It is perfect for spring and summer. The name means  Water of Joy and the perfume translates into just that: a fresh and aquatic scent. It is one of the most different and refreshing scents I have ever experienced with notes of Italian Lemon, Mint, Pink Pepper, and Labdanum.

Those are my favorite fine fragrances, What are your favorites? I would love to try some new ones! :)

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