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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UPDATE: Crown Brush Sale Order

I uploaded a video about some brushes I ordered from Crown Brush. These brushes are NOT Crown brushes. I ordered these from the Sale tab at Crown's website. These brushes are from discontinued or bought out companies and Crown resells them. 

After trying them out for two weeks, here are my thoughts on these brushes, some are ok, some are just AWFUL.

Brushes are rated on this scale: AWFUL-BAD-OK-GOOD-GREAT

-Detail Nail Fan
Price: $2.00
Quality: GOOD
This is a nail brush but I use it around my under eye area and as a lash fan. 

-Jumbo Powder Dome
Quality: OK
This brush comes off a bit scratchy but it does apply powder nicely. Although, I feel an EcoTools brush available for the same price would work better.

-Angle Liner
Price: $0.85
Quality: GREAT
This brush is amazing, it is a great brush, and for only 85 cents, I feel I almost stole it! 

-Duo Fiber (Nabissa)
Price: $3.00
Quality: BAD
This brush is very soft and I thought it would work well to stipple foundation around my eyes and nose. But it was not dense enough AT ALL. This brush has so few hairs I can practically count each and every one! 

-Duo Fiber (Lancome)
Price: $3.00
Quality: AWFUL
This stipple brush is "supposedly" from Lancome but I doubt they would make such a terrible brush. It held onto its few bristles at first, but once I put it to use, almost ALL the bristles shed onto my face and stuck to my foundation! Do not buy this!

-Small Blush Brush
Price: $2.00
Quality: GREAT
I loved this brush! It hasn't shed ANY hairs at all, it doesn't smell weird, and it is just the perfect size for getting blush and highlight in small areas. I wish I had bought another.

-Lash Fan
Quality: GREAT
This is another awesome find! The synthetic bristles on this lash fan are perfect for applying liquid and cream concealer under my eyes. It gives a nice and even application

-Jumbo Angle Blush
Price: $5.00
Quality: OK
This brush is GIANT, it covers my entire cheek and cheekbone! The bristles aren't as soft as I would like them to be, but its nice for buffing out my face when I apply too much blush or bronzer. I just wish I would have gotten better quality for my 5 bucks.


I like Crown Brushes and I was hoping to get more out of their Sale tab. Truth is, these brushes are not from Crown, so you don't know what you are getting. I got some brushes I love, and I also got some brushes I regret purchasing. Its a toss-up, but for the cheap prices, some of these are definitely worth the risk. I recommend staying away from the bigger and pricier face brushes on the sale tab.

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