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Proverbs 3:15

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Update on Broadway Impress Press on Manicure

Hello! I did a video about some prizes I won in a Twitter giveaway and some asked how they held up so here is an update on how I liked them.

Product: Broadway Nails Impress Press on Manicure

Price: $6-$8

Available at: Most drugstores

Color Selection: More than 20 styles

Application: Match the appropriate sizes to your nails, peel off tab and apply to nails, hold for a few seconds

Supposed to last: 10 days

Lasted: 4 days

Would I repurchase? YES

***Final Thoughts***:

Although these didn't last as long as they were supposed to; they did serve their purpose. I was looking for something that was faster and easier than painting my nails. These are perfect for those moments when your nails look horrible but you need a quick manicure, like a date night or job interview. I think these would have lasted longer had I not used my hands so much. But because I clean, use harsh chemicals, and hot water, I feel the glue was loosened faster than they would have if used by someone else. 

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