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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LA Splash Cosmetics

Recently I was contacted by a company called LA Splash Cosmetics; they have provided all these products for me to review. The thoughts and opinions on these products are still my own.

The Package I received
Products Available at: LA Splash Cosmetics (online) or Duane Reade stores

Diamond Sparkle Gloss
Electric Shock
-Diamond Dust Sparkle Gloss 
Shade: Electric Shock
Price: $6.99
This gloss was extremely bright. It looked more like children's play makeup or something a drag queen would wear. The shade was not something I see myself or any other adult wearing. As far as the formula goes, it is really nice. This isn't overly sticky or runny, it just has the perfect consistency. The glitter is not obnoxious and it comes off easily with a makeup wipe. I'm sure I would have enjoyed this more in another shade.

Twilight Glitter Liner
Swatches of the gloss, liner, and shadow base
-Twilight Collection Glitter Liner
Shade: Onyx
Price: $6.99
This eye liner was a dud in my opinion. I didn't like the formula, the color, or the glitter. It was runny, smeary, and the glitter was too reflective; it made my lash line look like it was missing liner in some places because the light reflecting from the glitter. 

Shadow Base in Nude
-Enlightened Creamy Shadow Base
Shade: Nude
Price: $6.99
I liked this eye shadow base, it was creamy and smooth, it applied easily and helped shadows stick. The color was a bit off; the container read Nude but it was more of a bronze shade. This was very similar to the Maybelline eye tattoos, only the eye tattoos are a bit more shimmery. 

Shadow Duo in Egyptian Queen
Shadow Duo in Beach Babe
-Glamour Intense Pigment Eye Shadow Duo
Shades: Egyptian Queen (purple and gold) and Beach Babe (teal and pink)
Price: $5.99
These eye shadow duos were very nice. The formula is good, not chalky. The colors are beautiful. The only downside, is these wear off easily. They lasted and looked much, much better with a base underneath. However, I feel these are over priced. The shadows feel and wear exactly like Jordana shadows, only Jordana products are about $1.50 and last fine on their own, without a base. 

****Overall thoughts****: In my opinion this company has products extremely similar to Jordana Cosmetics, but I feel Jordana is cheaper and better quality.

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