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Monday, June 18, 2012

Incoco Nail Appliques: Prom Perfect Edition

I'm sure most of you know by now that I am obsessed with Twitter giveaways and surprisingly, I win often! I was lucky enough to win a pack of Incoco nail appliques and was given the limited edition Prom Perfect Pack! 

I had never tried Incoco nail stickers until winning them and here are my thoughts on them.

Price: Range from $8-$15 depending on style

Available at: Incoco.com

Selection: More than 50 shades, styles, and designs

Application: Applied somewhat easily. Had to stretch to fit which made the strip really thin and not at all attractive. CON~ Must keep away from heat or they won't stick, but must also keep away from cold or they won't stick. Just very inconvenient. Strip size was far too big to even fit half the design on my nail.

Removal: Removes with polish remover or acetone. My glitter appliques were just as annoying to get off as real glitter polish

How long did they last? These were supposed to last up to 3 weeks. They lasted about one before a few fingers chipped off completely in one whole piece! I think it might have been because of the glitter; glitter chips in whole pieces.

Worth the price? For some designs, maybe. I haven't seen any other nail sticker companies offer Ombre style appliques and Incoco does. But I would prefer the smaller sizes of the other companies for my itty bitty fingers.

Would I purchase: Maybe, if they had something I really could not find anywhere else.

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