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Proverbs 3:15

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

E.L.F Studio Mineral Face Primer

To kick off my ELF review, I have here their mineral face primer available for $6.00. If you havent heard of ELF cosmetics before, get on this stuff! This company sells their drugstore brand at the lowest prices ever! These products are available at Target starting from $1, $3, and $5!! I had huge orders so I shopped online. This silicone based primer goes on before makeup to make your face a flawless canvas for your foundation and concealer. Meant to fill in lines and pores, this base will make your face smooth and help your makeup last all day long. This is a great product for the price. This really does apply smoothly and help makeup glide on. It is silicone based which will need to be exfoliated off when washing makeup off. I have no complaints because for only six dollars, it works well and does what it is supposed to do, and its better than paying up to $24 for a smaller amount of Smashbox primer. My only caution is that silicones may make the face oily; however, I have oily skin and this was not a problem for me. Another caution: The pump on this product (genius!) is faulty (not so genius..) It squirts out way too much product in just one pump and the pump is very tough to push down. I recommend carefully pumping half a pump onto finger tips, rubbing finger tips together, and applying a dot on the chin, forehead, and both cheeks before rubbing in with your fingers. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, here is your fix.

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