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Proverbs 3:15

Friday, June 10, 2011

E.L.F Studio Stipple Brush

I really love stippling brushes. Of any face brush, they are my favorite and when I go shopping I always convince myself that I can never have too many stipple brushes! So, of course, as I was shopping through ELFs online store I decided to get another stipple brush. This is available for only $3 so I thought it was a pretty good deal considering my favorites have ranged from $16 to $34. This type of brush is great for applying liquid makeup because it gives a light and even application, making your makeup look smooth and air brushed. It can also be used to apply face powders, blushes, and bronzers when you want a very light and sheer amount. Now, ELFs Taklon brush is standard size but very light. I like my brushes to have a little weight to them because they apply makeup better. A light brush makes it easy to apply too much makeup or gives you a streaky finish. I have never seen a brush with bristles that shiney? Im not sure why but that was a red flag for me; quality brushes dont have shiney bristles. Another thing I didnt like about this brush was that it had a very ygly smell to it when I first opened it. It was strong and "chemically" and didnt come out after the first few washes. This is not a good stipple brush at all, there are not enough bristles to make it that air brushed tool. Over all this brush is a miss for me. It may be that I'm just used to a sturdier brush and this couldnt compare? If you are just starting out your collection then it is an "okay" brush, but for someone who's looking for great brush this is one of those hits and misses thing. For $3 it is really all you can ask for. I hope this was helpful! Happy blogging and God bless! :)

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