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Thursday, July 14, 2011

E.L.F Liquid Eyeliner & Water Proof Eyeliner Pen

Hey everyone! I have tons of new reviews coming soon and I would have posted them sooner, but it is the summer months and it is around this time that I get extrememly busy! So without any further delay lets dive right in!
Today I have for you all the two eyeliners I ordered from ELF cosmetics. These are both only a dollar so I figured why not give them a try.
The liquid eyeliner comes in 6 colors, plus 3 new shimmer colors. The packaging is very simmilar to Revlon's Color Stay Liquid Eyeliner; it comes in an inkwell with a long handle for easy glide application.
The eyeliner pen is "waterproof" and comes in 5 colors, along with 2 new fall colors. I recommend storing the pen upside down in a brush holder otherwise the liner won't come out as fluid.
Both of these have very fine tips but the fibers are always coming loose and staying on my eyelids. These are actually terrible liners in my opinion. They are not waterproof and smudge amazingly easily. They do not stay black, in fact these eyeliners actually end up picking up the pigment in my shadows (may be a good thing for some of you?). These are not long wearing and the formula is extremely  runny. It reminds me of the kindergarten days when the water color paints looked like water with paint instead of paint with some water in it. Bottom line, I will not be buying these again. Stick with the drugstore brands and you're garuanteed quality product.

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