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Thursday, December 8, 2011

December Julep Maven Box and GIVEAWAY!

A few lovely shades from Julep
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I LOVE going for the mail everyday! :) There's always something to brighten my day. Monday's are always slow and icky, but I got my December Maven Box this Monday so it wasn't too bad of a day :)

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December's Box choices
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I was really excited to get my box this month because its Christmas themed! It was wrapped so beautifully! And came with a few exclusives!

Available at: Julep

Box: Bombshell

Price: $20

Overall box value: $46
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My style is Bombshell, what will you be?

Packaging: This months box was red. Inside there was TONS of black confetti/stuffing? My products were tucked into a red and white snowflake bag. The bag was wrapped in a white ribbon (although my sister put that in her hair as soon as I opened the box!), and under the ribbon there was a little card that read  "Happy Holidays from Julep". Super cute! Very impressed by this months packaging, I hope there are more themed months planned ahead!

Items Recieved:
-Julep Nail Vernis in Demi, a beautiful deep wine burgandy; perfect for the holiday season.
-Julep Fast Dry Top Coat, helps prevent yellowing and chipping, seals and drys polish in record time.
-Pomegranete Body Creme, hydrates and exfoliates the skin. Smells yumm! Formulated with pomegranete, papaya, shea butter, jojoba (yay!), avocado (double yay!), and kukui oils. Paraben, Sulphate, and Phthylate free.
-EXTRA: Green nail glitter, sprinkle some over wet nails and let dry before applying top coat.

The cutest packaging ever!
Liked: I loved the top coat! Funny because-- Just last Friday I was painting my nails with my sister when she asked to borrow my topcoat. I handed it to her and said "Hm, I need a new one. Hopefully I get one in this month's maven box." And I did!

I was also very happy to get the polish in Demi, I love deep red polishes. I have only one bright poppy red polish, all my other reds are deep, dark, vampy colors. And now I have a new one to add to my collection!

Next thing I was eager to try was the body creme. I always get super dry skin during winter and I liked that this isn't just a lotion, it is a thick hydrating creme. It doesn't hurt that it smells delicious either. :)

As far as the little extra glitter goes, it was a really cute idea, I know that other girls got glitter too in different colors. I liked that mine was green. Sprinkled over the red polish, it would be cute to wear on Christmas day :)

Products in my December box!
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Top Coat
Disliked: I heard/saw other girls were getting nail appliques in their Maven boxes! Mega jealous! LOL. These are similar to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips. Julep doesnt have that many styles yet, I believe they run about $14 a piece. Hopefully I get some in my next box :)
Another thing I was a little dissapointed in was that the creme wasn't as exfoliating as I thought it would be. I would have liked it to be just a little bit grainy.

Cant wait for January's box! That month is my anniversary and hopefully I can get something fun and pretty for my special night out :)

What do you guys think/like? Would you rather have gotten the body creme or the nail appliques? Did you appreciate the mini glitter extra or would you have liked something better? Let me know if you got something different this month!

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  1. Demi is a great red and perfect for any holiday party! I would love to see the green glitter on top. Glad to hear you enjoyed your box, can't wait for you to see what we have for next month.

    Julep Maven Team

  2. Thanks Heather! I've got a few guesses on what next months box will feature.. hehe cant wait!


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