Our Lord made every women beautiful

She is more precious than jewels, and nothing you desire can compare with her.

Proverbs 3:15

Thursday, December 8, 2011

FOTD.. Something New!

Hey there Lovees! I had an email today regarding FOTD (Face of the Day) posts. One of my subbies, Stephanie (hope you don't mind me mentioning you!) said that I write tons of reviews but never show my face! She thought that I was already friendly and personable (you guys know I love tweeting and emailing you back!) but that it would be nice to see my face a little more; at least every once in a while. I thought it was just the funniest thing! But very sweet :)

I would love to try to these posts out, I cant make any promises, but I will try to do a post of that days makeup. If I don't have time to post one, well I hope you understand!

I hope this also answers a few other questions I recieved about OOTD and HOTD posts (outfit and hair of the day posts). I will try my best to alternate between hair, face, and outfit posts; although I can almost gaurantee that most of these will be FOTD.

Mostly because:
1) I'm not much of a fashionista
2) My hair is impeccably straight and stubborn

I hope to have answered everyone's emails! I was getting these same questions from a lot of you so I figured that answering in this post would be easier than answering every individual email. Thanks again everyone for your daily love and support!

Stay Lovely!

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