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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Products I Hate! Revlon Misses

I usually love Revlon products but lately I have picked up a few things that I just hated, even though I wanted them so badly to work!

The products I picked up were from local drugstores, which I hate! Becuase I didnt like them and couldn't get my money back (I was passed the return policy because I like to test things for a few weeks before I review it!)

Im not sure if I picked up a bad batch, or if these were just past their expiration date (which would explain the clearance) but they were not worth my purchase.

I was dissapointed in:

-Revlon Colorstay Mineral Bronzer
-Revlon Bronzer
-Revlon Matte Powder Blush

Revlon dissapoints in these three products
The reason I didn't like these is becuase...

-They were super chalky
-They had slim-to-no color payoff
-They did not last

I do have swatches for you, but if they look the least bit decent it is becuase I had to rub my finger on these for a good 30-45 seconds to get some product on them. This may spund a little dramatic, but I promise, I am not exagerating!

I really wish these had worked better, and for the original price, I can't justify taking the risk on repurchasing in the hopes of having a better batch.

Left: Swatches with flash
Right: Swatches without flash, notice the chalky-chunks

Please let me know if you have purchased any of these and if they worked better for you. I did really want them to work for me, and if they worked better for you, I will go repurchase these for original price. Thanks again everyone!

Love and lipstick,

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